Wednesday, 19 July 2017

STI breaks 3280 triple top barrier! What are the Singapore Stocks to Look at this quarter?!

Dear Friends,

It is great news that Singapore STI has a triple top breakout off 3280 barrier! As a trader, I always look at triple top breakout in an index as a very strong bullish sign of the market. Look at the recent 3 days movement of STI after the breakout!!

I do believe that with this recent breakout, there are a lot of opportunities in many Singapore Stocks.

We are now looking at a few sectors and stocks that might have reached a bottom this year.

Like this Gold Mining Stock - CNMC.

The stock has been falling from $0.60 last July until $0.26 recently. We think that with the strong rebound of Gold off its $1200 support, this stock has a good chance of breaking its neckline resistance of $0.30.

The Agricultural Commodities sector is also worth a look! With the seasonal demand of agricultural index, some indices like soybean, corn and wheat has shot up strongly recently.

Noble has also shown strong rounded bottom pattern. We believe there might be a chance of Noble touching and breaking $0.70.

There are some stocks that have shown strong BIG Players accumulation breakout like Hotung Investment recently. After breaking its $1.95 resistance, this stock shot up to $2.44!

For Hotung, it may be a bit late to go into this stock.

However,  we have discovered many stocks that show accumulation that have not break out yet!

With the strong momentum of STI, we believe there may be a chance in the next few days these stocks may break out soon!!!

We invite you to attend a Singapore Stock Seminar by Mr Andy Yew to know who are these stocks!


Free Seminar by Andy Yew: 

<<STI breaks 3280 triple top barrier! 
What are the Singapore Stocks to Look at this quarter?!>>

What you will learn in the seminar:

✔ What are the sectors and stocks that have bottomed in 2017?

✔ Will the Banking Sector stocks continue to have momentum with Interest Rate Rise?

✔ How do you identify the stocks that has potential going into 2H 2017?

✔ What is Trend Following and how do you identify stocks in trend?

✔ Detail Analysis of Singapore Stock Market through Technical Analysis?

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20th July 2017, Thu   (English)   7pm - 10pm or

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Mr. Andy Yew (DL Investment Singapore Stock Trainer, 938 LiveFM and FM958 Stock Analyst)

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