Thursday 29 September 2016

US Stock Market might face correction regardless who wins the Election!

Dear Friends,

I have given my views of the market on this coming election and article was written by Shares Investment.

Take a look at the article link below:

Daniel Loh

Singapore Stock to watch: Duty Free International looks like a good defensive play

Dear Friends,

Recently I read a report on this stock by DBS. It seems to have good projections and a good growth for a rather defensive stock portfolio.

Given that its earnings EPS is growing at a rate of

Below are the reasons provided by the analyst from DBS about the growth potential of the stock. And I quite like its partnership with Heinemann Duty Free, which is one of the largest Duty Free Company in the world, operating in a lot of major cities airports.

Heinemann will provide a strong mix of products and management, adding more revenue to this company.

This is the stock price:

Although recently it burst up in price and I expect $0.50 to be a resistance, I am looking at a longer term play on this stock as I want to take advantage of the potential growth in EPS in 2018.


Thursday 22 September 2016

22 Sep 2016广播电台Daniel Loh 访问 :美国不加息因该投资的3个产品与Singpost的走势

·        美国不加息因该投资的3大产品





1)    黄金和白银 如果利率不怎么上,黄金和白银是不错的投资工具。更何况黄金和白银已经在大牛市当中。黄金今年从1030跑到了现在1330。好处是黄金这3个月都一直在1300-1370点之间盘整整理。

  我觉得黄金有可能会冲破1370的阻力,下一个阻力在1440点。白银今年也从$13跑到现在$19.80. 3个月白银也一直在$18.50$20.50之间徘徊。如果黄金有机会到1300,白银有机会到18.50的支持点,大家一定要留意,可以投资黄金或白银的指数股ETF

2)     美国十年的债券 如果利率不怎么增加,我觉得美国十年的债券可能有机会往上升,因为国债的收盈利会保持低点。大家可以留意美国的十年债券的指数。

3)     房地产投资信托基金 Reits我觉得如果明年每半年利率假设真的像联储局所预测的,每半年上一次,2017年只上两次,那我觉得大家还是要留意好的Reits的股票。大家可以多注意一些医疗的Reits,或投资在中国有关的Reits

·       新加坡股市




最近这一年Singpost 有一些内部辞职。有一些管理层没公布私底下自己有投资一些其他公司的问题,违反了Compliance。但是我是觉得长期来说这一点都不会影响Singpost的业绩,这件事情也已经平息了。



1Alibaba Singpost 的第二大股东。Alibaba好的成绩会间接影响SingpostAlibaba1111日光棍节会有一年一度的大减价。每一年的网络销量都打破记录。更重要的是Singpost去年是Alibaba主要的物流送运公司。去年十一月SingpostAlibaba送运460万个包裹,比前年同月增加了60%。今年可能Singpost又会破记录。

2Alibaba最近也收购新加坡另外一个网络平台公司LazadaLazada的收购也一定会为Singpost增加业绩。LazadaAlibaba的合作能驶到Singpost有机会增加海外运送的收入,overseas international revenue


下个星期我们这新加坡有一场免费 《阅读图表》投资的课程。

主题是 《如何从蜡烛图知道股票的买卖信号》

日期: 927日(星期二)华文讲座   


地点:凯联大厦 International Plaza
            10 Anson Road, #34-07
            (Tanjong Pagar MRT  C出口)


Wednesday 21 September 2016

Secrets of Investing in Properties

Hey Friends!

This is Daniel Loh. Recently the Singapore property market has dropped 10-15% 
from its high reached in 2013. 

My prediction is in the next 2 years, there will be tremendous opportunities 
in the property market for those who are ready to go into properties!!

Wealth will again transfer hands and I think this is Once in a LIfetime Chance 
for us to make a Fortune! Recently I have been searching high and low for 
property experts to share with our Options trading network to add value to us.

Great News!!!

We have invited Singapore well-known property guru, HSR property agency 
ex-chairman Dr. Patrick Liew to share with you the current local property 
trend and the various strategies to buy properties with little money.

YES! This is suitable even for some of you who think that you may not have the 
funds to invest in a property!

10 years ago when I met him in a property investment expo, he was already
sharing about the different methods and strategies to invest in properties, some
even with little or no money!

Not only does he buy and negotiate UNIMAGINABLE deals in properties, he
did it in business too!

He was famously known to be the ONLY person in Singapore who bought a
listed company with $1 only!  

Yes, no kidding. With just $1! Look at the Business Times article below...

He is also the friend of a lot of property and business gurus in the world like
Donald Trump (US Property Tycoon), Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Airline CEO),
Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad Author and Property Tycoon),
Bill Clinton (Former US president) etc. 

He has in fact invited all of them to speak in his events as he is also the founder 
of Success Resources, the world largest event company in the world!

To help you to become a well-rounded investor, we would like you to learn 
from this property investment expert together in a 3 hour Property Mastery Class!

What you will learn in the Property Mastery Class?

1)  The biggest SECRET to finding CHEAP, undervalued real estate... that most 
investors don't know about

2)  The 3 practical methods to help you ‘smell’ a million $ dollar deal in properties

3) Which Areas of Singapore should you focus on to Buy Property Now?

4)  How to QUICKLY raise the value of your property... using Patrick's 4-step 
"consumer behavioral pattern" process

5)   Which are the top 5 categories of overseas properties that are making 
investors CONSISTENT, GUARANTEED returns

6)  Why you should NOT buy just based on location alone! Patrick explains why 
TIMING the economic development of an area is more important

7)  The 7 wealth-creation questions you MUST ask before buying any property. 
These questions are based on Patrick's 20+ YEARS of real estate experience!

8)  The EXACT roadmap to be a sophisticated property investor... even when 
you're a rookie or veteran investor

Event Details:

Dates:  (Choose 1) 

23 September 2016 (Friday) or
7  October 2016 (Friday)

Time: 7.30 pm
(Registration starts at 7.00 pm)

Please be punctual as registration closes at 7.45pm

International Plaza
10 Anson Road, #34-07
(Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit C)

We have very limited seats to this complimentary session. I encourage you, 
or your relatives or friends to attend as I personally have really benefited
learning from him.

Best Regards
Daniel Loh

Thursday 8 September 2016

FREE Singapore Stock Seminar by Andy Yew

Topic:  Will STI continue its upward run as it jump 100 points in 3 days
What are the good uptrend stocks you can watch next week?

Date: 8th Sep 2016  Thusday 
Time: 7pm - 10pm

This week STI jumped 100 points amid the sudden optimism in the stock market. These few days the blue chips are running crazily. Look at DBS, OCBC, UOB the banking stocks or even oil stocks like Keppel Corp. 

We can also attribute this to the jump in Hang Seng index recently. Hang Seng went from 23200 to 23800 within 3 trading days. 

With the "Shenzhen Hong Kong connect" now in the pipeline, it sure is also an exciting time to invest in Hong Kong stock market! 

What are the uptrend stocks you can invest in now in both Singapore and Hong Kong market?

What you will learn:

 What are the Strong Uptrend Stocks to watch in Singapore and Hong Kong? 
 What is the Best Performing Sector and Worst Performing Sector of the month? 
 How do you use the BIG Players Barometer to gauge whether there are Big Players now?
 What is the SAFEST WAY to buy into a stock that is on an uptrend?

 Discussions on stocks that you want to see or are of concern now


8th Sep 2016,Thursday  (English) 7pm - 10pm


10 Anson Road, International Plaza 
Singapore 079903
( Nearest MRT Tanjong Pagar )

Fee: Free

Mr. Andy Yew (DL Investment Singapore Stock Trainer and Popular Remisier)

Limited Seats 

To register :  pls click here

Picture of Andy Yew being invited by SGX and Radio Station FM958

To register :  pls click here

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