Tuesday, 19 June 2018

STI is the Only Flower stuck in a pile of Cow Dung! - The only major index in Asia that is in the Green

Dear Friends,

A few days ago, I issued a post on where I think is the accumulation area of STI - 3300-3350. Yesterday it dropped into this region.

Posting a few days back:

And last night, Donald Trump issue another threat on China saying he would implement 10% tariffs on US$200B worth of China Goods.

This scare the hell out of Asia market again. 

Today Hang Seng has dropped 650 points, Nikkei 300 points, Shanghai Composite 90 points!


But wait a minute, Singapore STI is up by near to 10 points now! 

What on earth is happening?

In Chinese, this is called, "一朵鲜花插在牛粪上 ”, meaning
"One flower stuck in a pile of Cow Dung".

In trading, we call this phenomenon "Resilience"

This is one of the most important concept when it comes to trading.

In a down market, i always study which stock index is still in the green.
In a sell down day, i always study which stock still is still strong.
In a lousy month, i always study which sector has a positive month.

This is the stock index, the sector or the stock that is more resilient than the others.

When market recovers, they will run faster!

I always say in investment "Don't worry about a Down Day!" "Down days are what differentiate the Warriors from Cowards!"

Daniel Loh

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US Stock Tip: This 2nd Largest Chinese E-commerce company just got a Big Boost!

JD.com is the 2nd largest E-commerce company in China. JD.com is also known as Jingdong is headquartered in Beijing, but listed in Nasdaq.

Yesterday news came out that Google is investing $500m into this company in a joint venture deal that will benefit both parties.

In a joint statement, they say that "By applying JD’s supply chain and logistics expertise and Google’s technology strengths, the two companies aim to explore the creation of next generation retail infrastructure solutions, with the goal of offering helpful, personalized and frictionless shopping experiences."

Today you must not ignore the potential of JD.com. 

4 reasons why i like this company:

1) It is working with a lot of other internet giants to increase its membership. Membership is GOLD nowadays!

2) JD.com is the next Amazon - It is spending crazy money to do on technology and building logistic infrastructure all over China. That is the real reason why JD.com price have not fly through the roof yet. Their earnings reports are still showing tremendous growth.

But please remember that 4 years ago, we are saying the same thing to Amazon, who spends so much money on building logistics infrastructures. And see how Amazon is reaping its rewards today. See how far behind is Ebay today. 

Taobao.com so far is still the number 1 e-commerce website in China. And if Taobao did not buck up and improve its quality of products, infrastructure, and technology to provide easier usage, Taobao.com will be the next Ebay.com

3) It is selling premium stuff on its website instead of pirated products or poor quality products. That to me is what brings Ebay down. And JD.com products are all guaranteed. It is building a relationship and Trust with its clients!

4) It's price is dented recently because of Trade War Fears! From a high price of US$50, it has dropped to $35 lowest because of the quarrel. But the good thing is even if trade war continues, JD.com earnings won't be that affected.

Its main revenue comes from Chinese consumers and not overseas. So whether got trade war or not doesn't matter! That means any pullback because of trade war is an opportunity to Buy, not Sell!

To sum it up, a lot of investors who invest in stocks are myopic and look at short term earnings reports or news. That should not be the way.

Look far!

Forecast what will happen 10 years later.

JD.com is one stock that should be in your portfolio for the next 10 years.

Daniel Loh

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Monday, 18 June 2018

Trade War Fear again!? Old Crying Wolf story repeats again...

Dear Friends,

The stock market last friday got a shock again when Donald Trump sounded out that they will implement the $50Billion tariffs after talks between the two countries failed to appease White House demands on reducing huge U.S. trade deficits.

Story on marketwatch:

US market on Friday fell, which leads to a Considerably Big drop in Singapore Stock market today. 

STI went down 32.7 points, near to a 1% drop today!

My opinion is do not worry about the continued fear on trade war issues. When buying stocks, go back to its Fundamentals

Noises like this Trade War News occasionally might steer investors' focus off track.

What we need to ask are 
1) Are Companies Earnings are still Strong 
2) Is it still beating market Expectations 
3) Is the Economy still healthy?

My answer to all 3 questions is YES!!!!

Then no matter what issues. It can be Trade War Fear, or North Korea tearing up peace contract or Debt Ceiling problems or even if Trump fired his Vice president etc... basically any news is Opportunity to Buy into the oversold stocks!

Investment Tip: 
Look at stocks that are sold down because of trade war fears! 
Look at China internet companies like Tencent, JD.com, Alibaba, Sina, Weibo, Sogou, Baozun, Momo! 
Look at Soybean prices!

My opinion is that Donald Trump is doing his best to get China to give more on the negotiation table. This trade war dispute will be solved sooner or later.

Just don't worry!

Daniel Loh
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Thursday, 14 June 2018

I am Back!

Dear Friends,

It has been a long time since I posted on my blog in regards to my opinion of the Stock Market!

Sorry for it.

But I am back now, and will start to post regularly in my blog.

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And do share this blog or my Facebook page to your friends.

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Happy Trading!

Investment is the way to Financial Freedom

Daniel Loh
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STI Cheap Cheap at 3300-3350!

Dear Friends,

Always buy into an index when it drops hard! STI over the last one month happens to be so.

From 3600 plus, it has dropped to 3380 points today.

And I think this is one chance not to be missed.

Target to accumulate is 3300-3350!

One way I like to invest in STI is of course the STI ETF which is now near to $3.40. By the way it gives you dividend of 5cts too.

Happy Trading!

Daniel Loh

US Stock Tip: SOGOU (SOGO) is one of the US Stock in my portfolio

Dear Friends,

This is indeed one stock I am studying closely for a few reasons.

1) Chart clearly shows me this stock has bottomed with a Rounded Bottom and a breakout off the $10 resistance, which is also a psychological resistance.

2) This stock has dropped almost half price since its IPO, which is one of the things I look out for in IPO stock. It hopefully can drop half price to a cheap value so that it eliminate the "Over-subscription Effect". Remember a lot of oversubscribed stocks need to drop half price before a turnaround.

3) It is the 2nd Largest Search Engine in China, after Baidu - Meaning it can make a lot of money from advertisement. It is almost like Yahoo of US, just that China internet market is still growing at a fast pace. Furthermore 40% of Chinese population still have not started to use internet yet.

4) Its future Earnings Per Share (EPS) projection by analysts is fabulous!

EPS for next year is forecast to grow by 57%
EPS for next 5 years is forecast to grow by 36% 

To me investing in a company that has growth potential is important. 

As I always mention, "Don't invest in a Company Past! Invest in its Future!"

To sum it up, this is a Long Term Stock I am looking to accumulate if it falls. At the same time, I will also keep track of its Actual EPS to know whether this stock is still a potential Multi-Bagger (a stock that can grow multiple times)

Happy Trading 

Daniel Loh

958访谈 2018年6月14日:美国昨晚宣布加息4次,会对股市照成什么影响?


  美国确定加息4次 - 华尔街不用担心利率问题了!

这其实就是华尔街最不想听的话 - 加息比预期还要快。因此昨晚道指从原本正的数字变到负115点。当然今天开市亚洲市场也是一片红。
几个月前我们还提到,在贸易战的时候一定要买大跌的科技股。当时很多科技股跌了20%。今天的科技股统统都创了历史高点了。阿里巴巴,Facebook, 亚马逊,Netflix,微软,苹果全部都在这几天创下了历史高点的记录。
我的看法是今年美国股市还是相当健康,有任何的大跌大家一定要趁机会捡便宜买入。美国还是全世界最好玩的股票市场。相比之下,新加坡股票的表现不及美国。比如美国的亚马逊股价可以在9年涨50倍,苹股价在9年涨18倍,Netflix 9年涨150倍,从$2.50涨到今天的$380。就连最差的微软也能在9年涨7倍。
坦白说如果大家花一点功夫了解美国股票,你会发现这个市场会比新加坡股票还容易赚钱。最重要是这些美国股大家都很熟悉而却每天都在用的产品和服务。很多朋友每天都有用到Facebook, Google, 苹果, 微软。这些公司的产品和服务都卖到全世界,因此成长速度绝对比新加坡股来的高。
美国银行这几个月的表现比较一般。因此我认为大家可以多留意美国的Bank of AmericaJP MorganCitigroup。利率接下来会增长比较快,银行股表现一定会不错 值得留意。

·        新加坡股市 3300-3350点是买入的机会




Thursday, 21 September 2017


·        美国联储局都不看好美国经济?

1) 第一:联储局保持利率不变, 但耶伦也表示今年还会加息一次。这其实和原本的预测一样。下一个加息很有可能就在111日。
2) 第二:联储局下调了核心通货膨胀的预测,上调了本年度的GDP预测。

3) 第三:联储局的利率预测2019年和2020年的没什么改变,就在3%这证明美国政府也认为利率起到3%是美国的极限了。

·        看好美元走强、欧元走弱

·        石油、黄金十月要小心

·        新加坡海指3200点有支持



·        中国经济复苏好比2013美国






·        香港恒生28000点有点贵



Thursday, 29 June 2017

6月29日 Radio FM 958 投资访谈:总结上半年美国股市冲刺的3大原因 & 新加坡股市下半年可留意的3的领域

·      总结上半年美国股市冲刺的3大原因:


原因是因为昨晚科技股和银行股带动了股市。科技股涨了1.32%, 银行股也涨了1.58%





1) 第一是因为特朗普的效应:特朗普的经济改革政策的确对美国股市有着正面的影响。不管是减税政策,或是就业政策,或是医药服务政策,或是基础建设政策,或是能源开发的政策都有利于美国的经济发展。这也驶到美国相关领域的股票有正面的冲击。


2) 第二个原因为什么股市表现不错是因为经济数据显示美国经济相当的健康:美国的失业率已经掉到4.3%,这是自从雷曼兄弟倒闭过后的最好成绩。通货膨胀也到达美国政府要的2% 了。美国的房地产价格也已经超越200年的高点,达到了历史新高。这证明美国人又开始相信美国经济了。

3) 第三个原因我认为美国股市有好的成绩是因为全世界没出现什么重大的新闻。中国的经济也不断的复苏。从 今年6.7%GDP的增长率涨到现在的6.9%。估计到年底可能涨到了7%。如果大家还记得,我们去年有提过2016/2017要留意中国经济见底。现在真的发生了。

不只中国,欧洲也没出现什么问题。就连欧洲最害怕的法国大选都没问题。法国主张要脱欧的候选人Marine Le Pen也输了。这也驶到欧洲的信心大增。股市表现也不错。



·       新加坡股市下半年可以留意的3个领域



除了受美国的经济好转的影响,中国经济复苏的影响,本地新加坡政府也似乎开始稍微放松一些对房地产的降温措施驶到本地的股市恢复信心。这几个月,我们都可以感受到房地产有点反弹的迹象。现在就连房地产发展商都开始有了En Bloc的想法。





STI is the Only Flower stuck in a pile of Cow Dung! - The only major index in Asia that is in the Green

Dear Friends, A few days ago, I issued a post on where I think is the accumulation area of STI - 3300-3350. Yesterday it dropped into thi...