Investment Trades done by Daniel

Dear Friends,

I am a US stock and options trader. I have decided to post my trades to show that trading Options can make you money. This isn't to boast, but to show you that Trading Can REALLY be a way towards Time and Financial freedom. The best thing is I am NOT using a lot of money to trade. It just takes time and effort to learn trading. If I can do it, so can you!

Below are some of the trades I did... I am using. I am now learning to use a new brokerage platform Think or Swim, so you can see a change in the screenshots in May.

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Please note that for February n March, I try to hold short duration positions, sometimes I Day trade as I think market risk is high. My strategy changes when market change. I encourage that you should too...

April is not a good month to be bullish! Hence did not trade much. Anyway, I am spending time to learn a new platform in Think or Swim. I am trying out this platform to see how it is before I recommend to our students

I am Back in May trading after a one month rest...

21 May - 22 May: 1 Day trading Apple: Profit US$8450  80.86% ROI
10 lots X 100 shares X ($18.90-$10.45) = US$8450 profit in 1 day

2 Apr - 3 Apr: Trading Apple: Profit US$8,557.87   35%ROI
3 Apr: Trading Mastercard:  Loss US$263.45


28 Mar - 30 Mar: Trading Apple:  Loss US$1662.60

19 Mar - 22 Mar: Trading Google:  Profit US$2,141.09
22 Mar 14 mins: Trading Netflix: Profit US$493.75 

15 Mar - 22 Mar: Trading Apple:  Profit US$1269.46

5 Mar (14 mins) : Trading Apple:  Profit US$465.87

8 Mar - 15 Mar: 5 Days trading Apple: Profit US$17,212.66
                           294% ROI

24 Feb - 28 Feb: 4 days trading AAPL:  Profit US$378.74
27 Feb - 28 Feb: 1 day trading MA:       Profit US$439.60

22 Feb:  6 hours trading Mastercard: Profit US$3179.23 44.4%ROI

21 Feb:    3 hours trading Apple:         Profit US$558.17     8%ROI

16 - 17 Feb:   1 Day trading Apple:      Profit US$985.38    15.6%ROI

14 Feb - 15 Feb: 1 day trading Netflix:   Profit US$569.10     6.4%ROI
14 Feb               : 3 hours trading WLL:  Profit US$96.71
13 Feb - 14 Feb: 1 day trading IP:          Loss $10.32


8 Feb :  1 hour trading CIEN:                  Profit   US$0 
    7 Feb - 8 Feb: 1 day trading KBH:          Loss     US$30.94
    6 Feb - 8 Feb: 2 days trading NFLX:      Profit   US $712.47  21.9% ROI

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