Tuesday 31 December 2013

Radio FM958 (Tue, 31 Dec 12.20pm - 1:15pm) talking about "Global Market Outlook for next year 2014" part 2

Dear Friends,

Today, I will be interviewed on radio station Capital FM958 from 12.20pm-1.00pm talking about 

"Global Market Outlook for next year 2014" part 2:  What to anticipate after The QE Tapering post era

If you are interested to know more, just tune in to FM958... :)

Radio Station website: Listen Live 


Need Windows Media Player 11

Thank you
Daniel Loh

Monday 30 December 2013

The student who tripled her account and make US$120k in 5 short months!

Dear Friends,

I enjoyed a lunch treat from my June 2013 batch student, Cindy Qian today!

After attending our June investment course <Passive Income Mastery Programme>, she tripled her account size from a total investment of $60k to $180k in 5 months time! By the way, she started off with $5k initial capital, and top up the capital only halfway through. In total she makes a net profit of $120k including commission expense from $60k.

And she don't even know how to read Technical Charts. Who says investment trading needs charts?!

Makes my day to know how much she earns consistently every month! 

By the way <Passive Income Mastery Programme> is an investment programme to help people who wants to enjoy a consistent income from the stock market using stocks and options!

If you want to know more about how she did it, join our weekly preview seminars to find out her strategies!


Free Seminar:

<<STI has turned bullish! Have you entered?>> 

By Daniel Loh 

Recently Daniel Loh predicted STI may bottom at 3000-3050 region! STI reached 3025 lowest before rebounding to 3150 now! Will STI become the best performing index in Asia before Chinese New Year?

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7 Jan  (Tue)  English session or
8 Jan (Wed)  Chinese session 华文讲座

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Venue: 141 cecil street, Tung Ann Association Building
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Speaker: Daniel Loh  
Regular analyst for Mediacorp FM958
Regular analyst for Mediacorp Channel 8 Financial Programmes
SIAS investment trainer
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Regular Columnist for Shares Investment website

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油气领域oil and gas的股票今年的表现很不错,年头走势有点慢,可是下半年的表现强劲。



Reits 前半年的上升是因为大家一起印钞票,驶到他跑得太快。会掉因为QE可能要解除,驶到资金从高股息,稳定的Reits跑到其他地方。

4.      2013














只要油价还是保持在90以上,大家一定要留意石油领域的股票,比如Kep corp, semb corp, semb marine


中国现在提倡环保,我们觉得跟环保相关股票都可以看。比如Utd Envirotech








Food for thought: What I learnt and shared in an interview with Channel 8 today

Today when I am interviewed about the stock market by Mediacorp Channel 8 <早安你好>, I met up with another interviewee, Roger Tan, 陈一帆。What impresses me is that he started doing business at a very young age. Completed his university studies when he is still in the Army. 

He is now the chairman of Voyage Research, in the past named as SIAS Research, which he bought over recently. 

Something I learnt: There is nothing called too young in the path of entrepreneurship!

It just takes guts and determination to chart one's destiny!

Well done Roger!

Sunday 29 December 2013

Live TV Interview at Studio on Channel 8 (早安你好) Mon 30 Dec 2013 at 7.48am

Dear Friends,

I am asked to comment live in studio with another analyst to give our views on the reversal of the local stock market, the US all time high run-up, the Nikkei bullishness, the sectors that may be in play at 7.48am. 20 minutes session with live call-in.

If you want to know more about the market direction, tune in to your television, Channel 8.


Friday 27 December 2013

Wonderful triple digit move up is fueling the christmas rally!

Dear Friends,

With the triple digit move up for the dow, it just seems this christmas rally is going in full steam. It just can't seem to end here. One thing is for sure, things are now back to normal where we will scrutinize the economical reports and the earnings announcements of the companies again next january.

If  is any fall in expectations in the ISM and non farm payment report, do expect the market to go weak. And this time round, there is a chance that actual results may be less than what analysts think after the end of holiday season.

Although I feel that employment data may be ok, I would really suspect why the ISM would be able to post another figure like this month. With the holiday season over, I think ISM might start to slow down. Enterprises normally goes weaker in december or january as production has already start to slow a bit.

Apart from the economical reports, all eyes will be on the last quarter earnings of US stocks. With the recent rally, there might be some stocks that fall below expectations.

In summary, I do feel that january or february may not be easy months for US market. If you are dabbling in US, I suggest moving your funds back to south east asia. Next quarter, I think the SEA might outperform US market.





Monday 23 December 2013

STI might become the best performing index in Asia before CNY!

Dear Friends,

Some have asked why we have not updated our blog as often about the local market. Because these few weeks it has been really bad. There isn't many stocks for us to pick.

If you have taken note about our article, we mentioned that we should start to accumulate some Singapore stocks in the region 3000-3050. If it drop somemore, 2950 should be the lowest.

Recent Article when STI is falling like a knife mentioning about the accumulation zone:

Recently STI hit the lowest point at 3025 on the 12th December. It is within what we called the accumulation zone. In recent interviews in FM958 and Channel 8, we did mention that we should accumulate the good stocks or STI component stocks first.

Recent interview summary in FM958:

We do think that Singapore market is finally seeing a bottom and bullish momentum is definitely growing. 

Judging by the analysis on the market, we also see good potential in mid cap and of course the dreaded penny stocks recently!

Do not think that it is not possible that Penny stocks might be coming back with a vengeance. We already see some stocks brewing up.

With the QE tapering confusion episode over, I think the selling of STI stocks might be over. We think that that might be a strong rally ahead before Chinese New Year next year.

Let us get ready and be prepared!

We shall update you on more singapore stocks analysis soon!

We are excited now! And remember, once the momentum goes into full strength, be careful of shorting any stocks.


Thursday 19 December 2013

What a surprising reaction about the taper! DOW 300 points!?

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I did mention that I have a hunch that the market will rally. But I am wrong when I mentioned that there might not be a taper. In fact the market rallied because of the taper! There is a $10 billion surprise tapering.

ARTICLE about tapering:

How the market react to this has been amazing, given the fact that worries has been surrounding the taper. The only explanation would be that the taper is minor, as what Ben Bernanke says, "The tapering is modest". And it would be in small steps.

Like what I always says, the market seem to like this Botak Ben so much! I guess, no matter what decision he make today, he should be able to deal with it smoothly and ensure that the stock market continues to function as what he wants, up, up, and up!

I am his fan also, as I have always said, he is a market manipulator genius! Without him, the stock market won't be as high as seen now.

Kudos Big Ben!

You are the Best FED Chairman around!

The market will miss you...


Wednesday 18 December 2013

Market is really quiet today ahead of Ben Bernanke press conference tomorrow

Dear friends,

No movement today in the US market. It is quiet and calm. All eyes are focused on tomorrow Ben Bernanke's press conference.

At 3.46am local time, Dow is currently down by 1 point, Nasdaq is unchanged and S&P500 is down by 4 points.

Currently we are also taking a quiet stand by the side waiting for the results. Like what we mentioned in the past, we don't expect an announcement in tapering tomorrow. However we know that any hint about a tapering decision soon next quarter will also trigger a selldown.

But somehow or rather, I have a feeling (just a feeling) Ben Bernanke will do well not to suggest any hints of tapering with the low inflation figures.

Maybe, the market may rally with his remarks. We shall see...


Tuesday 17 December 2013

Free Seminar by Andy Yew: What are the Hong Kong and Singapore Stocks to look at NOW?

FREE Hong Kong & Singapore Stocks Seminar this week, 

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1) Where to PICK STI stock when it bottomed
2) Stock analysis with the NEW ART SYSTEM
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Date: 19 Dec 2013,  Thu (English Seminar) 
Time: 7pm - 10pm

141 Cecil Street, Tung Ann Association Building #07-02 S(069541) Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G, walk straight 80m, opposite the traffic light

Speaker: Andy Yew (ART system Founder)

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Thursday 12 December 2013

US Stock Watch: Facebook just keeps getting better!

Dear Friends,

Recently Facebook did correct itself. It went from a high of $54 to a low of $43. But we did say that it is a retirement stock that you should HOLD LONG TERM!

Our last article on Facebook:

Today, it was announced that Facebook will become a S&P500 and S&P100 stock. Today it gaps up again. I have NO DOUBTS that in the nearby future, it will become a Nasdaq 100 stock!

Article about his inclusion:

And that means MORE buying from hedge funds and institutions!

The definition of a Retirement stock to me means 10 years down the road, Don't Sell! In its journey, Facebook will definitely face the prospect of a few bad quarters that will pull the stock back hard as it is riding strongly.

Do remember that Google went to $700 before falling to $400. But now it is $1000 plus. Baidu when to $1500, before falling to $1000. Now Baidu is a $1800 stock. It is $180 now because it declares a 10 for 1 split.

Treat it as a Warren Buffet's portfolio stock. INVEST like him.

Let me borrow a quote from our legendary investor.

"If, when making a stock investment, you're not considering holding it at least ten years, don't waste more than ten minutes considering it." Warren Buffett

Do not ask us if you need to cut loss because with this stock, there is no need for stop loss for a stock that has potential to grow 10 times.

You just need to accumulate. Save $100 every month, and buy when the stock dips 10-20% is my advice.


Singapore Stock Watch: EZRA consolidation these few days suggest it has chance to go higher heights

Dear Friends,

We did say that EZRA needs a rest these few days when it reached $1.50. Indeed these few days it consolidated. Now the price is $1.44.

Last article on EZRA:

Whenever a stock consolidate, I like to observe its behaviour. After observing it, I do think that it has a good , chance of breaking $1.50, when STI recovers.

Hence, I would remove the selling status, observe very carefully to look out of a upside run.

Do watch out for this stock!

Not advisable to take action now as market is falling, but rest assure that this stock is in my radar!


Wednesday 11 December 2013

Interview with FM958 today 跟城市频道958的访谈内容


1) 最近的美国市场似乎很不寻常。上个星期道琼斯连续5天掉。原因是经济报告都很不错。当时市场觉得好报告代表可能QE要减低了。但是上个星期五华尔街改变了这个观点。上个星期五的就业报告都很好。股市却没掉,反而上涨200点,可说把投资家搞得团团转。不知道好消息是好消息还是好消息是坏消息。

2) 因为现在局势不稳定,我们鼓励大家不用太关心经济的报告和基本面的讯息,否则投资可能有点混乱。

3) 但是美国股市已在一个相当高的价位了,鼓励大家从图表知道是否股市会走弱。在这里我们再次重复道琼斯可能开始走弱的3大征兆。

4) A) DOW开始有一天掉100点。100点是一个心理的信心价位。一天能掉一百点代表股市信心开始动摇

5) B) DOW连续三天往下掉 代表短期走弱。

6) C) DOW连续两周下滑 代表中期走弱

7) 如果这3个征兆都有了,道琼斯可能进入一个中期走弱的状态。倒时,大家可要谨慎。


1) STI现在是3076点。这5天已经滑落了接近100点。昨天也下跌了30点。我们觉得这个滑落是因为国际热钱暂时不在东南亚的市场。东南亚整体属于新新市场。大家从股市能看得到新加坡STI,印尼指数,泰国指数至从5月22日到了这5年的高点过后,就一直滑落,最近也没什么上升。热钱可能不在是因为5月22日,伯南克宣布可能开始接触QE。因为这个QE的退市问题还没答案,照成国际热钱从东南亚流到其他更好玩的市场。

2) 第二个原因我们判断是当那3只股票发生问题过后,照成小股一起大掉,照成很多中型股也一起滑落,驶到国际炒家远离新加坡市场。新加坡的散户很多也受伤了,暂时驶到整体市场淡了下来。

3) 我们的建议是让STI多跌一阵子。只要STI跌深了,资金就会开始回来。

4) 我们觉得STI就在3000-3050之间有一个相当好的支持。

5) 在这个区域,大家可以考虑长期投资一些好的股票。

6) 建议大家如果3000点到了,可以买一些股票或指数测试水温。股票如果开始涨了,可以慢慢买上去。

7) 如果股市滑落到2950点,我们觉得就是STI最大的支持。到了2950,大家买多一点。2950就叫做跌的深。

Free Seminar by Andy Yew: Will STI show reversal soon?

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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Another 30 points drop in STI today! When will this stop?

Dear Friends,

A Million dollar question in the mind of many singaporeans is when will STI drop stop.

I am looking in this region, 3000-3050 as the support of STI.

If STI is in this region, I would be going in to pick up some stocks to test the water! If it goes up, I would accumulate somemore.

If STI drops further to 2950, I would add on my positions!

I think 2950 might be the lowest point should it drop there. Would update more on our views of STI.


Monday 9 December 2013

Free Seminar: Danger Signs to watch out for in 2014!

<<Danger signs to watch out for in 2014!>> By Daniel Loh 

These 5 months, Daniel Loh have correctly predicted STI top at 3300, STI bottom at 3000, Aussie dollars strengthening at 0.89, KLCI bottom at 1700, Jakarta bottom at 4000, Nikkei top at 16000, Nikkei bottom at 12800, Shanghai recent bottom at 2100.

Most of his predictions are accurate! Come and find out this week his views in December

Learn about the SECRETS of the Stock Market!

You shall learn:
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10 Dec  (Tue)  English session or
11 Dec (Wed)  Chinese session 华文讲座

Time: 7pm -10pm
Venue: 141 cecil street, Tung Ann Association Building
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Speaker: Daniel Loh  
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Regular invited speaker for Mediacorp Channel 8 Financial Programmes
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My take on "Will FED taper this year in december?"

Dear Friends,

I am asked many times by the media and investors about this question. My view is nope. Not so soon, not in december.

Article on QE tapering:

Knowing the character of Big Ben, still the FED chief, he is the KING of understanding market psychology.

If there is a tapering, he would give a warning first, one or a few months before the tapering actually might occur because he wants to lessen the impact of the taper. That is what happens in May this year, remember?

At that time, I seriously think that he has considered tapering in October. But because of the government shutdown and the bad employment reports and the debt ceiling uncertainty, he abandoned the idea.

This caused the market to reach all time high again!

So I feel that being the DADDY of WALLSTREET, he won't let us down by declaring a Sudden QE tapering. He knows this sudden decision will crash the market.

I am sure he wants to walk off as the man who brings the market to all time high instead of leaving on a poor note.

But with that note, I feel that there is a chance he might want to announce the possibility of a tapering on the 17th December in the FOMC meeting. If it is so, the market might still fall on any words of a possibility!

Just watch out on his speech on this date!



Dear Friends,

That is my sentiment of Wallstreet now. Is good news a good news, or good news is bad? On Friday, US reflects good employment reports. Both the non farm payroll and the unemployment are indeed above expectations. We predicted correctly that this result to be good. But we predicted wrongly that the market may fall due to the good reports.


It did not follow the 5 days drop where almost everyday there are good reports that came out. ISM manufacturing did fantastic. So does ADP employment, NEW HOME SALES and Jobless Claims.

And that is the reason for the 5 consecutive days drop, right?! Or did I interpret wrongly about the market??

Isn't the concern about the tapering happening soon if reports are good.

BUT WHY does the market increase a near 200 points on Friday???

Ha, maybe I should just give up guessing and knowing what the market thinks now, and maybe you should too!

Let the market decide its own fate.

I am probably sticking to these 3 rules to know if the DOW really goes into a mid term correction.

1) DOW drop by 100 points in 1 single day (Triple digit drop signals confidence wavering)

2) DOW drop in 3 consecutive days. (Indicating short term weakness) This year there is only 3 times where DOW drop for 3 consecutive days. Each time DOW did that, it is the start of a 1000 points drop. 

3) DOW drop by 2 consecutive weeks (Indicating mid term weakness).

Now probably only the second factor is triggered. Let me see if next week will trigger the others.

I am just going to give up predicting the trend now, and let the market tells me!!!

Confused ;}

Thursday 5 December 2013

FREE Malaysia Stock Seminar

Topic: <Secrets of finding the entry and exit point in a Stock>
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Speaker: Daniel Loh 
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Wednesday 4 December 2013

Singapore Stock Watch: Is Centurion still worth a look?

Dear Friends,

Singapore market has been very quiet recently. Big players are having their early Christmas holidays! That is the reason we have been quiet in our commentary in singapore stocks.

However there seems to be a stock that is in sideway consolidation. I do feel that if market gets better, it will recover. This may be the stock that is still worth a look.


There is a strong support at $0.50.

Now: $0.545
Mid term Target: $0.67
Stop loss: $0.49

Singapore Stock Tip: Ezra needs a rest at $1.50

Dear Friends,

One of the good performing stock these past 2 months has run from $1 to $1.50, an increase of 50%. I know that it did have some good earnings announcement and projects. However I feel that for short term traders, $1.50 is a good point to profit take.

This consolidation may last for a few days to weeks. Let us see if it happens. Let us treat this as a case study.

A worthwhile price I would look at this stock again is $1.33 and below. $1.40 is small support though. See if it holds there.


Making a profit from the Crude run-up these 2 days!

Dear Friends,

Do you still remember we mentioned that Crude is likely to travel in between $90 and $100?

Our last article on crude:

Congrats if you long with us. Using our Day trading proprietary strategies, we managed to pocket $15000 overall profits in just 2 short days!

I entered to long crude index futures. In just 2 days, we pocketed ($10,620 + $5070) = $15,690 in just 2 days.

I do conduct <<Day Trading Mastery Programme>>  to a small closed group of individuals. If you are interested to know more, please email me at rafflesbusiness@gmail.com stating your interest.

Let me know if you are our past RBI graduate. We will furnish you with more information!


Apple 5G phone will be a revolution! How do you take advantage of this hype?

Dear Friends, It is a well known fact that US is trying to catch up with the 5G technology of China. That is the reason why US has viewed ...