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About Daniel Loh

DANIEL LOH is an investment coach that specializes in equities and derivatives trading. He regularly appears on TV financial programmes in <Good Morning Singapore> and <Hello Singapore>. He is interviewed bi-weekly on radio station FM95.8.

He is a trainer for Securities Investors Association(Singapore) (SIAS). He is also a regular columnist for SIAS and SharesInvestment Magazine.

He has been invited by various brokerage houses like Phillip Securities and OCBC Securities as a guest speaker to give his views on the market.

He has also been invited to speak in big investment events like the Invest Fair, the Shares Investment Conference and the Investment Week.

In Malaysia, he is invited by Affin Investment Bank as a guest speaker. He also writes for Busy Weekly which is the one of the biggest financial newspaper in Malaysia.

About Daniel Loh Investment 

Daniel Loh Investment is a training company that equips investors and traders with the right trading skillsets and psychology to achieve a consistent income. It provides a variety of courses such as Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex and Property.

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