Saturday 31 May 2014

FREE Seminar: 3 Fundamental Analysis Details you must take note when selecting a GOOD Stock!

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<<3 Fundamental Analysis Details you must take note when selecting a GOOD Stock!>> 


By Daniel Loh 

What you will learn:

1) How do you pick a long term stock that can have potential to multiply in price
2) How do you know a good stock that is beaten down has turned around?
3) How do you define a good stock?
4) Does value investing really works in this market now?
5) How do you have a consistent income every month in trading?


4 June   (Wed)  华文讲座 
10 June (Tue)   English session

Time: 7pm -10pm
Venue: 141 cecil street, Tung Ann Association Building
            #07-02 S(069541),
            Tanjong Pagar MRT exit G, walk straight 80m, opp traffic light

Speaker: Daniel Loh  
Regular invited speaker for Mediacorp FM958
Regular invited speaker for Mediacorp Channel 8 Financial Programmes
SIAS investment trainer
Invited speaker for Phillip Securities
Invited speaker for Affin Investment Bank

Cost: Free

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Friday 30 May 2014

US Stock Tip: US$23,794.30 profit in Apple! Target move to US$700!

Dear Friends,

Congratulations on those that followed our call on a US stock Tip, Apple on 25th April 2014! We did said that by June, Apple should go beyong $600.

Our article on 25th April titled:

US Stock Tip: Apple share split will push it past $600!

I posted when Apple was $567 then. Today it is at $635 now!

Today I am sitting on a profit of (US$19,813.03+US$3981.30= US$23,794.30

For this stock, I am holding on for bigger gains amid the stock splits and product launch expectations!

I am now increasing my year end target to US$700.

This stock run is not about to end anytime soon, even though the stock may consolidate a bit after shares split.

Hence do not hesitate to pick the stock up on any drop!


Singapore Stock Tip: Why are we right to issue a buy call on Singpost on 10th April 2014?

Dear Friends,

These few days, there are so many reports on Alibaba investment on Singpost. Congratulations to those that went in on our recommendation of this company!

We recommended people to pick up this stock in on 10th April on TV, my blog and Facebook. In fact, after I recommended, I receive a message from a Singpost employee instructing me not to buy the stock as she thinks the company management is bad with no prospect!

Ha, I guess she belittle her employer! Little did she know that this stock has such a potential.

Today I want to relate to you the reason why I issued a long term target of $2 for this stock!

Article on 10th April titled:

Singapore Long term Stock Tip: Singpost is positioned to be the Alibaba of South East Asia

It is such a coincidence that Alibaba to be the company that invest in Singpost! Ha, there are people who thought I have insider info regarding this. Of course I don't! Ha. I am just lucky enough to spot the intentions of Singpost. Perhaps I do understand better than most retailers how stocks work.

My advice to stock investors when it comes to long term investment is to focus on just one word,

The reason why I ask everybody to look at this company in April is because of the growth prospect of the company! And the benchmark of growth should be reflected in its earnings or sales.

This company has the goal of becoming the e-commerce logistics giant of South East Asia just like Alibaba of China. And how do I know this? It is based on them acquiring quite a few companies in e-commerce logistics these few years. And this year, all these companies Singpost acquired are contributing great returns to the Singpost.

You can see it from their quarterly results! Singpost wants to be the giant of South East Asia (SEA) e-commerce. Alibaba wants to be the e-commerce giant of ASIA! That is why they want a piece of Singpost. Having no businesses in SEA, the quickest way is to acquire Singpost. They see the growth prospect of Singpost and SEA e-commerce. It isn't difficult to see their intention.

Singpost is growing fast these 2 years! This year, they are projected to have a revenue increase of 25%. And this growth is expected to continue till 2017. Not many companies in singapore can achieve that return, right?

When we try to invest in a stock for the long term, please do not look too much into the past. What is important is the future.

And please remember that not a lot of Singapore companies have the ability to dominate overseas market. If you spot one like Singpost, you need to have a piece it.

(Please note that the price is $1.69 today. For short term term, I don't think there is much upside. For long term play, my target is defintely above $2!)


Wednesday 28 May 2014

Singapore Stock Tip: Tat Hong turnaround?

Dear Friends,

Judging from the technical chart, it seems like Tat Hong has reached a bottom at 72 cents. We do expect this stock to continue its upward movement.

Now:  $0.86
Target: $0.97
Stop loss: $0.77

Thursday 22 May 2014

We are bullish on Nikkei and Russell 2000!

Dear Friends,

A few days back, we did say we are bullish on Nikkei and Russell and we think it might have hit the bottom and our buying zone. Russell buying zone is 1050-1080. Nikkei futures buying zone is 13500-14000. Both hit our buying zone recently and rebounded.

Article on Friday, 16th May:

Though it has not gone up much, we continue to be bullish on these 2 major indices. This to us is a great opportunity! Not a lot of indices have dropped recently. Emerging market indices are at a high. Same is US DOW and S&P500. Still hovering near the high.

We got Nasdaq right on the spot at 16th april when we ask everybody to look at nasdaq at 3950

Now it has gone up almost 200 points at 4130.

We think it still has room to go up still.

But our eyes are focused on Nikkei and Russell, as it is badly sold down.

Free Malaysia Stocks Seminar: Is the Penny Stocks run in KL market over following the 4 stocks crash?

Topic: <With the 4 Penny Stocks crash, is the Penny Stocks run in KL over? >
& in-depth analysis on the whole market

What you will learn:
1) What are some penny stocks that you might like in your watchlist?
2) 2Q and 3Q market outlook
3) The rise of interest rate fear and how will it affect the market?
4) How do you make consistent profits in the stock market?

Date : Sunday, 25 May 2014
Time : 2.00 – 5.30pm
Venue : 
Hotel Armada, Petaling Jaya, Level 3, Room Arista,
Lot 6, Lorong Utara C, Section 52, 
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia

Speaker: Daniel Loh 
MediaCorp Radio Station FM958 Stock Market Analyst
MediaCorp TV Channel 8 Stock Market Analyst
Raffles Business International Chief Trainer
Affin Investment Bank Invited Speaker
Shares Investment Columnist
Phillip Securities Invited Speaker
OCBC Securities Invited Speaker

Seats are limited!!  100 seats, Left 35 seats only!
To register, please CALL in +6016 310 5528  to book or SMS <NAME><HP><Email><No of Seats><E> to +6016 310 5528

Friday 16 May 2014

Dow 200 points drop in 1 day doesn't look good, but Russell Buying Zone 1050-1080!

Dear Friends,

These 2 days have not been a good 2 days for the DOW. It has dropped 100 point yesterday and 200 points today at its peak. Russell 2000 index, which measures more penny stocks also got into a bit of a panic when it drops 10% from its peak and has dipped below the 200day MA.

But instead of being in panic mode, I suggest taking a close look at the Russell 2000 index, RUT. I am salivating at this delicious meal now!

Just like what I always does, trying to catch the indices bottom. I am predicting that Russell might reach a bottom very soon!

A month back, I predicted that Nasdaq composite reached a bottom. It has rebounded 100 points since then.

Article on 16th April predicting Nasdaq bottom at 3950. Now it is 4070.

Nikkei futures has took off at 14000, but recently just came back near 14090 again. An opportunity if it drops below 14000 again?

That is my bet, Nikkei should bottom at 13500- 14000!


Wednesday 14 May 2014

FREE Singapore market seminar by Andy Yew

<< With STI hovering above 3200, what are the stocks to watch in May?>>

STI 徘徊在3200点以上、五月有那一些股票可以看呢?

sharing by Andy Yew

Andy Yew has accurately predicted the run of a lot of stocks recently including . Join him to know how he does it every week!

22 May 2014, Thu (English Seminar) 7pm - 10pm
23 May 2014, Fri (Seminar) 7pm - 10pm

Sharing on
1) Spore Stocks that are trending upwards that you should take note of
 Spore Stocks that are suitable for short term trading
3) Spore Stocks that are showing reversal signals
4) Spore Stocks that are suitable for long term
Plus we will be providing analysis on your stocks!

Venue: 141 Cecil Street, Tung Ann Association Building #07-02 S(069541) Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G, walk straight 80m, opposite the traffic light

Speaker: Andy Yew (ART system Founder) 

To register pls click here 

or SMS <Name><Email><HP><Date><Number of seats> to 93676623 

Tuesday 13 May 2014

第8频道《早安你好》骆伟嵩 5月12日 现场采访:新加坡股市几时买进?

1.         谈谈美国上星期的走势?投资者需要注意哪些因素?
·         美国股市最近表现频繁,道指这几天似乎在历史高点16600点有压力,一直不能突破16630点的历史高点。
·         很多朋友可能都在担心”Sell in May and go away”的问题。
·         我们的判断是这个月美国不会有Sell in May and Go away的现象。反而我们觉得道琼斯很有可能又要突破历史高点了。
·         原因是这个月的重要经济报告都不错。非农业和采购经理指数都很好。我觉得很大可能性会突破历史高点。

  • 上个星期STI表现不这么好。我们两个星期前判断STI32503300点会有压力。从表现来看,STI确实在这个范围挣扎着,很难突破3300点。
  • STI很频繁的表现可能是受美国股市影响。我是希望STI能回到3200点,如果能回到这个价位,我觉得是个机会买便宜。
  • 但是我也要澄清,中期在这3个月里,我是蛮看好STI有可能冲破3300点的大关。如果STI又回到3280点以上,我觉得冲破3300点的可能性就很高



1) 他的盈利没有比分析师预测的还要高。很多业务整体都不这么理想。玩股票我们一定要买比分析师预测的数字还好。
2) 分析师把SIA 2015年的盈利降了29%因为不怎么看好SIA接下来的表现。大家要留意,分析师把未来的盈利降了标准一定会影响SIA这个季度的表现。这个季度,要避开这支股票。

建筑公司集永成集团今年第一季净利 猛涨362%,增加到2100万元。这个业绩理想吗?集永成上星期5的闭市价是7毛?分(TBC),这只股票还有什么投资潜能?
·         我是相当惊奇Chip eng seng这个第一季度有这样好的业绩。房地产这几个月的下滑没有影响到这件公司。
·         他这一年的1亿2000万的营业额比去年还要高一倍。
·         当然,这样好的成绩也是因为Chip eng seng比较注重商业的地产,也没有受我们cooling measure的影响。
·         我觉得大家这个季度一定要留意着支股票。现在在$0.70 - $0.80之间。我觉得如果能突破$0.80,长期目标可能到$0.95

·         这支股票我看不到任何的潜能。他的第一季度的盈利是因为把一件公司卖掉,不是因为生意赚钱。这个季度出了卖掉的资产,其实是亏钱的。
·         这几年都无法表现,我觉得大家还是不要看这支股票,是支死股。



Friday 9 May 2014

股市资讯 2014年中股市展望研讨会!座位有限,尽早报名!








 骆伟嵩先生 Daniel Loh

他是莱佛士商务国际(Raffles Business International )的董事,并且是莱佛士商业学院(Raffles Business Institute)投资学系的主任导师。

黄达是一名基金投资管理专才, 拥有25年的市场实战交易经验。目前,他的专栏刊登于婆罗邮报、资汇报,东盟商界等等。黄达曾经受邀上亚洲新闻台和新电台95.8城市频道,提供他的市场宏观和评估,得到良好回应。如今,他也是《国际橡胶论坛》的常年讲师之一,也是《国际橡胶研发会》的成员;其培训课程和演讲项目,已经覆盖超过14个国家之多,商客都是来自各大政府机构、交易所、经纪公司、私人企业等等。



联系电话: +65 67458733

Thursday 8 May 2014

第8频道《早安你好》骆伟嵩 5月8日 现场采访:OSIM 什么价钱投资比较理想?


1)      美国股市最近表现频繁,道指这几天似乎在历史高点16600点有压力。Nasdaq昨天也因为一些科技股冲击一天下滑40点。
2)      很多朋友可能都在担心”Sell in May and go away”的问题。
3)      我们的判断是这个月美国不会掉。道指反而很可能会突破新高。鼓励大家乘机会投资Nasdaq以及科技股!


·         我们两个星期前在节目中让大家在3250-3300点的时候准备开始卖掉股票。我们觉得股市可能会调整。
·         结果海指这几天确实有点走弱。
·        但是我们觉得这一次的下滑不会太深。如果有机会在3150-3200点,大家可以开始留意海指。


1) OSIM这间公司从年头到现在已经上涨了接近$0.50。最近到达最高点$2.95,昨天比市在$2.82
2) 我觉得这支股票中长期还是有上涨的空间,但是也上了蛮高了,最好等股价从最高点下滑接近10%。短期可能有机会整理,如果有机会滑落到$2.70-$2.75,才值得看。

3) 我们觉得中长期会上是因为他的业务比如OSIM新系列的按摩椅, GNC, TWG茶餐厅的营业儿都不错。

Friday 2 May 2014

Singapore Stock Tip: Be careful of Penguin at $0.20!

Dear Friends,

This is one of the stocks we are watching very closely because we spotted ongoing activities in this particular stock. Although we like this stock and we do think professional money is there, our advise is NOT TO enter now!

Don't be caught in this frenzy. Better to take profits first and wait for the consolidation. It may be coming...

Only when it consolidate, then I will look at it again!


Daniel Loh 5月2日FM958 电台访问 《Sell in May and Go away会来吗?》


·         昨晚美国道指掉了22点,Nasdaq涨了12, 3个星期前,很多朋友在关心Nasdaq指数和科技股滑落的问题。我们当时也提到Nasdaq的支持点在3930点。如果到了,大家可以捡便宜。
·         结果Nasdaq到了最低点3946点就反弹了,靠近我们预测的3930点。我们真的觉得这是个很好的机会。很多美国科技股都掉到很低了。
·         Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, 苹果都跌倒很便宜的区域,都是个机会!特别是苹果,宣布69日拆股,一股拆7股。通常宣布拆股到拆股那一天的窗口,股票很有可能大涨。一股拆7股是蛮多的。这些都是很好进场的机会。大家要了解,股票拆越多,股价涨越多。
·         那可能最近很多朋友会问我的问题是,这个”Sell in May and go away”会不会来临?
·         我只可以说,到目前为止,我看不到美国股市在五月份会大掉。
·         反而我觉得科技股在4月的大掉已经跌深了,是个捡便宜的机会。
·         就是因为科技股已经大掉了,我们判断5月因该不会有股市的恐慌。
·         何况我们昨天发布的ISM,采购经理指数的报告比预期还要理想。
·         从图表来看,道琼斯的阻力是在16600点。现在是16588点。这个也是我们所谓的3峰。因为这个是我们第三次到这个高点。那会不会有三峰突破,我们到要看一下今晚的就业报告。如果这个报告不错,大家可能就会看到道指又创下历史新高。
·         我要总结的是美国不是很多股票都会跑。要玩,就要看那些盈利不错,跌的深的科技股。


·         上证指数星期三是2026点。之前我们有提醒大家上证指数如果到2200点,大家可以考虑套利。到了这个管卡可能有压力。
·         结果上证没到2200点,最近到了最高2150点就下滑。这几个星期也下滑了130点了。
·         从图表来观察,上证指数出现了一个很特别长达5年的三角形的图形。而却这个三角形是往下滑的三角形。
·         也就是说,只从5年前,上证指数的高点每一次都比上一次低。但是低点查不多都在1900-2000点的范围
·         有着这样的图形说明两件事:
·         第一点是目前上证指数只有在一个很狭窄的200点范围寻走,大概19502150点。投资中国股市也只可以短期投资,2000点买,2150点卖。
·         第二点是这个5年的熊市很有可能在今年或明年往上突破这个三角形的图形进入一个大牛市。
·         所以我们呼吁这一年要关注上证指数是否突破2500点的重要管卡,如果突破,可能就是大牛市的开始。


·         我们在节目中有提过新加坡海指的短期压力就在3250点到3300点。如果到了这个区域,鼓励短期投资的朋友可以开始套利先。现在海指是在3255点。
·         这几天海指似乎就在这个50点的范围波动,要上不上,要下不下。许多股票都在横摆,不好像几个星期前,一直涨。
·         我们对股市的看法是这样的,我对海指的表现还是蛮乐观的。我们觉得这两个季度,海指很有可能会突破3300点的大关。
·         但是目前3250-3300还是有一点压力,鼓励短期投资的朋友先套利,希望有机会回到3150点到3200点再看。
·         当然如果万一这几天海指突破3300点,一个星期不跌回,就是一个好的突破。到时候也是个机会进场。
·         长期投资的朋友请不用卖掉股票,因为我们觉得热钱已经回入到新加坡股市。整体来说,股市还是很健康。
·         我们的建议是如果大家要投资的话,找那些领域去年跌的深的领域股来投资。比如房地产,Reits 大众商品领域。他们还有相当不错的上涨空间。


·         恒生现在是在22250点左右。目前横生这几天跟上证指数一样,是短期往下走的趋势。我觉得大家可以耐心等待,希望横生有机会到达21500点。到了这个价位,大家进场才比较便宜。


1) 日本日经期货指数现在是14450点。

2) 我们几个星期前判断日经捡便宜的区域就在13500-14000点的范围。刚好有一天跌倒了14000点一下,就反弹了。我们觉得这个点数14450点还是便宜的,大家还是可以值得投资的。

Apple 5G phone will be a revolution! How do you take advantage of this hype?

Dear Friends, It is a well known fact that US is trying to catch up with the 5G technology of China. That is the reason why US has viewed ...