Wednesday 16 November 2011

Why do we lose $ in stocks?

Dear Friends,

Do you know why many investors lose money in Stocks, Futures, Forex or Options? The problem lies with money management!  Nobody is 100% right in investment. We are bound to make mistakes sometimes. The important thing is when we are wrong, how much do we lose? Today I am going to share with you a simple money management practice, but yet a lot of us didn't practise. This big secret will put us in a good position to not lose $ most of the times.

Do you wish to know what this BIG SECRET is?

That is When we win some $, put your stop loss at your "breakeven point". Let us think back... Are there a lot of times when we make a bit of money, we turned greedy. We want to make more! We do not want to exit. This happen to me all the times! Yes, I admit I am normal too! However, sometimes, the stock price begin to drop back to breakeven point.

May I have a show of hands, how many of you would exit at breakeven now? Not many! This is human nature, we always think that when we have a paper profit and stock begin to drop back to breakeven, we are hesitant to sell. We convince ourselves that this "strong" stock will run up again. We are not willing to lose the $30 commission, right? Oh mind, because of this $30, we lose thousands!!!

Let me show you a stock which I entered recently. Do you remember last month I last everybody take note of Apple? I feel after Apple report came out, it gap down $20, to $400. I entered an option. At first, it was good, I caught it at the bottom, it started to rise to $407. On paper, I earned US$2500 within 30 minutes. I feel that it will run somemore. So I put my stop loss at my breakeven point. And indeed in midday, the stock begin to drop. When I was sleeping, it exited. But I still make US$165. <Pls see attachment to learn>

I believe if we continuously have this habit not to lose $. In the long run, we will definitely make $ in investment, don't u think so?

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就是当你赚一点钱的时候,就把止损点放在"无亏盈" breakeven 的价位。我们回想一下,是不是很多时候,当我们股票赚钱时,想赚更多,不想放。可是天不作美,股价掉回breakeven point。请问有多少人这个时候会卖掉?没有几个朋友的!因为人性都认为本来因该赚钱的,现在掉回来,不甘心。拼命说服自己股票一定会跑,为了不亏$30的commission,我们不卖股票。结果股票就亏了几千块钱!很可笑,对不对?

我给大家看一个案例。我最近不是呼吁大家买Apple吗?我觉得Apple这支股票报告不好,跳下$20, 到了$400,进场买期权。开始非常好,因为当天开市抓到低点!结果这支股票跑到$407,我账面上赚了US$2500。我想可能他会继续跑。我的第一个习惯就是放止损点在breakeven价位。结果我判断错误了,下午股票回来,我睡觉时,就出了。可是各位朋友,我还赚了$165。《请看attachment》




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