Monday, 3 November 2014

US Stock Tip: Facebook is definitely cheap at US$75!

Dear Friends,

I have been looking forward to facebook gap down on earnings day recently. To me, everytime it gaps down is a tremendous chance to buy it up at cheap!

Facebook is a case of too good to be true story! It is one of the fastest growing company in the world! For these few quarters, it keeps on beating analysts forecasted EPS by near to 100% on each of the earnings.

This possibly cant go on forever! Good stocks with high expectations don't run forever. There will be times whereby occassional earnings will not perform up to expectations. It is normal. But noramlly it will bounce back up either the following quarter or the next!

That is the behaviour of a good RETIREMENT STOCK!

And I do feel Facebook is one of them! A must-own once in a lifetime stock! Please do not sell and keep on accumulating for 10 years!

Our article in 2013

US stock tip: This may be one stock for your retirement - Facebook!

Although this company has gone up one time from US$35 since we recommend until now US$75, we still believe that this stock may be the next Google or Baidu.

And this gap down on earnings is perhaps another chance to BUY CHEAP!

Price Now: US$75
Mid term Target: US$85
Long term Target: 10 years

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