Tuesday, 17 March 2015

China Shanghai Composite continue to hit new bull market high! But be warned of a collapse near June!

Dear Friends,

This is what we called "CAN'T DROP MUCH!" 2 months ago, there were analysts that mention the composite might collapse soon. We said otherwise. We mentioned that this bullish run most likely will continue until June 2015. Only in June, we should be careful!

This prediction was published in our blog on 3rd Dec last year when it was still 2700!
Check out the past article below:

Today, Shanghai composite continues to hit new 5 year high to close at 3449. 5 years ago, the highest the composite has reached is 3478.

I have no doubt that in the next few days, it will test this 5 years high. And I really have a good feel that this bullish run might continue to around June period.

After June, you might see a sudden consolidation in the composite. That is the time, fear might seep into the index and it might go into a one year long consolidation phase.

For now, any 150-200 points drop in the index before June is a good pick-up point.

Daniel Loh

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