Wednesday 10 June 2015

We are right to say Sell STI on 22nd April! Now is time to look at STI and KLCI again!!!

Dear Friends,

On 22nd April, Sharesinvestment published an article of our interview titled:
<<DANGER! STI & US$ To Correct Soon!>>

In the article, we mentioned a that time that "STI is hovering around the 3,500 range and it is a sign that share prices are getting a little too inflated at the moment. As such, it is not an ideal time to enter the market for investors that want to ride the uptrend.

At that time, I do think that STI will face a correction soon, probably somewhere around May.

In fact, not only STI, at that time we do think all indices like London's FTSE100, Germany DAX, Malaysia KLCI, US DOW all have a good chance of correcting in May! In fact all has corrected.

STI has gone from 3550 to 3295. FTSE100 has gone from 7100 to now 6785. DAX has gone from 12400 to now 11050. KLCI has gone from 1870 to now 1730. US Dow has also corrected from 18300 to 17760.

The good news is that we do think that some indices might reach a bottom soon!

We do think now may be the time to look at STI again!

STI buying zone is from 3250-3300! 

Our suggestion:
Test the market by accumulating a bit of STI index stocks or STI ETF now at 3300. Should it drop to 3250, accumulate again.

To me this is again a very good opportunity!

We do think that STI may still go back to 3550 again in this second half of the year!

For KLCI we have a target price of 1700-1720. Let us see if it reach soon!

Time to take out your weapon again!!! Do remember that money is always made when price is cheap, not expensive. Some indices have finally turned cheap now!

Daniel Loh


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<< STI has rebounded off 3300? What are the Singapore Stocks you can look at for June? >>

As STI entered our buying zone of 3250-3300, there are great opportunities to pick up some good stocks that are oversold or have rebounded.

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