Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Yeah yeah China plunges 8.5%! But don't worry, it will come back up soon in September

Dear Friends,

A lot of friends are concerned about the market recently. Especially when everything now is linked to China economy and stock market crash.

My opinion is that bear market has not started. China stock market most likely will swing in a consolidation region we believe to be somewhere 3000-4500 for at least one year until June 2016!

I know, I know YOU are worried! I also know 99% of analysts out there think that China stock market is dead!

But I am still optimistic about this market.

Once these few days panic is over, we shall see the whole world rallying again with China.

Liquidity (Money) is still out there in the market. When liquidity is still out there, I am not too worried that stock market enter into a bear!

I am still trying my very best to be GREEDY when others are FEARFUL!

Not easy, but I try to!!  I am sure our buddy, Warren will agree with me on this now...

TRUST THE FED!! Trust Janet Yellen to sort this out in September!

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