Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Free Seminar and Stock Tips: What stocks are the Big Players buying now?

Many Singapore Investors did not make money from the stock market because of the collapse of the stock market ever since mid of last year!
Keppel Corp has dropped 47% for the past year. OCBC has dropped  24%. Even a supposedly good stock like Singpost has dropped 22% last year although Alibaba injected $279million with another 5% stake last year.
What happened?!?!
The Reason is that many BIG INSTITUTIONAL PLAYERS have left Singapore market in the last couple of years!
As retailers, it gets harder now to find local stocks that still show Big Players.
So what can you do to still make money playing stocks?
      (1)  Look for stocks that show Big Players in other markets like Hong Kong, Malaysia or US as I noticed some Institutional Players have indeed left for other markets. It is a lot easier to spot stocks that show Big Players in other markets. Nowadays you can easily buy stocks listed overseas through local brokerage houses. In fact all big brokers like Phillip Securities or DBS Vickers or OCBC Securities should be able to allow you to trade.
Take a look at the following Hong Kong and Malaysia stocks that now show Big Players. I am using Andy Yew's formulated ART system to pick up these stocks.
a)     Hong Kong stock: Alibaba Health Informatics Tech (Click on chart to enlarge)

b)     Malaysia stock: Sernkou  (Click on chart to enlarge)

      (2)  Use Andy Yew's proprietary way to spot Big Players still left in Singapore local market (although not many stocks left but still a few)
If you would to find out what are the Singapore Stocks that show Big Players now, I recommend you to attend a Free Seminar conducted by Andy Yew (DL Investment's in-house trainer on Singapore Stocks)
Daniel Loh 
DL Investment Director

FREE Seminar by Andy Yew: 
What are the Singapore Stocks that show Big Players Now?

What you will learn:

What are the Singapore / Hong Kong / Malaysia stocks that show Big Players Now? (Knowing this will make you better than 95% of retail investors)
Learn how you can know the Best Performing or Worst Performing Sector of the month (This will help you to strategize and know what sector to zoom in on to minimize time spent)
How do you identify correctly the trend of the stock so as to know precisely when to exit a trade when trend change
How do you leverage on CFDs to short stocks that are bearish now (Understanding this will enable you to make money even in a bearish market)

A look at your stocks health now in 60 seconds (Discussions on stocks that you want to see or are of concern now)

Dates: (Choose one)

19 May 2016,Thursday(English) 7pm - 10pm or

26 May 2016,Thursday(English) 7pm - 10pm


10 Anson Road, International Plaza 
Singapore 079903
( Nearest MRT Tanjong Pagar )

Fee: Free

Speaker: Mr. Andy Yew (ART system founder)

To register :  pls click here


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