Tuesday 15 November 2016

Methods to Invest in Properties && Market Outlook of Spore Property for 2017

Hey Friends!

This is Daniel Loh. Recently the Singapore property market has dropped 10-15% 
from its high reached in 2013. 

My prediction is in the next 2 years, there will be tremendous opportunities 
in the property market for those who are ready to go into properties!!

Wealth will again transfer hands and I think this is Once in a LIfetime Chance 
for us to make a Fortune! Recently I have been searching high and low for 
property experts to share with our Options trading network to add value to us.

Great News!!!

We have invited Singapore well-known property guru, HSR property agency 
ex-chairman Dr. Patrick Liew to share with you the current local property 
trend and the various strategies to buy properties with little money.

Not only does he buy and negotiate UNIMAGINABLE deals in properties, he
did it in business too!

He was famously known to be the ONLY person in Singapore who bought a
listed company with $1 only!  

Yes, no kidding. With just $1! Look at the Business Times article below...

He is also the friend of a lot of property and business gurus in the world like
Donald Trump (US Current President), Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Airline CEO),
Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad Author and Property Tycoon),
Bill Clinton (Former US president) etc. 

To help you to become a well-rounded investor, we would like you to learn 
from this property investment expert together in a 3 hour Property Mastery Class!

What you will learn in the Property Mastery Class?

1)  The biggest SECRET to finding CHEAP, undervalued real estate... that most 
investors don't know about

2)  The 3 practical methods to help you ‘smell’ a million $ dollar deal in properties

3) Which Areas of Singapore should you focus on to Buy Property Now?

4)  How to QUICKLY raise the value of your property... using Patrick's 4-step 
"consumer behavioral pattern" process

5)   Which are the top 5 categories of overseas properties that are making 
investors CONSISTENT, GUARANTEED returns

6)  Why you should NOT buy just based on location alone! Patrick explains why 
TIMING the economic development of an area is more important

7)  The 7 wealth-creation questions you MUST ask before buying any property. 
These questions are based on Patrick's 20+ YEARS of real estate experience!

8)  The EXACT roadmap to be a sophisticated property investor... even when 
you're a rookie or veteran investor

Event Details:


17 November 2016 (Thursday

Time: 7.30 pm - 10pm
(Registration starts at 7.00 pm)

Please be punctual as registration closes at 7.45pm

International Plaza
10 Anson Road, #34-07
(Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit C)

See You!!!

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