Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Congratulations if you follow our call on US stock Coherent - Making US$10,780 profit, 40% return in 1 month!!

Dear Friends,

Did you follow our last call on Coherent, a US stock I am aiming to bottom exactly at US$150. This stock has dropped from US$329 in January to US$150 recently!

If you have, Congratulations!

Check out on our last article tip on this stock when it was at $152, when we issued a buying call on 27th June 2018.

Last article:

Today the stock price has risen to US$170, where our first target of US$167-$170 is reached.

What I did was I bought some Coherent stock options,

with a Total capital of US$27,720.

Total profit is US$10,780, 40% return in 1 month!

This is the beauty of learning how to trade!

I always believe TRADING is a skillset that can create a Bonus income for you every month, all you need is have the correct Skillset and Method!

(P.S. If this stock can break above $173, it has potential to go to my 2nd target profit of US$197-US$200)

Daniel Loh

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