Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Investors Take Note! Time to Look at All Banking Stocks in 2nd Half of 2018!

Dear Friends,

If some of you keep track of Banking Stocks all over the world, you probably will have notice that Banking stocks have not been performing well ever since January!

US banking stocks like JP Morgan has dropped from US$119 to around US$100. Citigroup has dropped from US$80 to US$64.

European Banks like ING group has dropped from US$20 to around US$14. Deutsche Bank has dropped from US$20 to US$10!

Even Singapore Banks like OCBC has dropped from S$14 to S$11 in just 2 months. UOB has dropped from S$30 to S$26 in 2 months.

So have the Banks lost its luster?!

Not really...

**** In fact to know whether the banks will be doing well, all you need to do is study the Earnings announcement of US Bank Earnings.

Last week, a lot of US Banks declared tremendous earnings that beat Earnings Estimates!

This is a show of Great strength and Comeback!

It is time to take note of Banking Stock again 2nd Half of 2018!!

Out of all the Banking Stocks, I like European Banks the MOST! 

Reason being it drop the most over the last 6 months.

Tomorrow Deutsche Bank (Symbol: DB) will issue its Earnings. I am looking to see if this Germany Bank is making a comeback. 

This stock has dropped 50% since the start of this year! Looks really tasty to me...

If it is, I will be poised on invest some European Banks like ING Group (Symbol: ING) - My favorite Banking stock in Europe.

(P.S. European Banking Stocks can be bought in US Exchange if you have access to US Stock Quotes, I will be posting results of European Banks like Deutsche soon)

Daniel Loh

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