Friday, 16 May 2014

Dow 200 points drop in 1 day doesn't look good, but Russell Buying Zone 1050-1080!

Dear Friends,

These 2 days have not been a good 2 days for the DOW. It has dropped 100 point yesterday and 200 points today at its peak. Russell 2000 index, which measures more penny stocks also got into a bit of a panic when it drops 10% from its peak and has dipped below the 200day MA.

But instead of being in panic mode, I suggest taking a close look at the Russell 2000 index, RUT. I am salivating at this delicious meal now!

Just like what I always does, trying to catch the indices bottom. I am predicting that Russell might reach a bottom very soon!

A month back, I predicted that Nasdaq composite reached a bottom. It has rebounded 100 points since then.

Article on 16th April predicting Nasdaq bottom at 3950. Now it is 4070.

Nikkei futures has took off at 14000, but recently just came back near 14090 again. An opportunity if it drops below 14000 again?

That is my bet, Nikkei should bottom at 13500- 14000!



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