Wednesday 16 April 2014

It is time to buy 2 indices, Nasdaq and Nikkei!

Dear Freinds,

I have been asked this question, what are the indices that like and recommend?

Without a single doubt, I think both these indices may have reached near their bottom.

Nikkei futures accumulation zone is 13500 - 14000 Now: 14080... it dips below 14000 breifly
Nasdaq composite accumulation zone is 3800 - 3950 Now: 3999... it dips to 3946 today

Start accumulating now with mid term view in mind! If it drops to the lower point of the zone, buy again!

Bear in mind we have accurately spotted a lot of futures and indices bottoms and tops this year, I am quietly greeting these 2 indices drop with excitement!

Cash might be dropping from the sky again!!!



Updated with charts of nasdaq composite and nikkei futures for your reference:

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