Friday, 4 July 2014

TV interview about Keppel Corp with Daniel Loh: This stock is dead! 电视采访骆伟嵩--吉宝: 这是一支死股!

US Market

1)      Dow Jones yesterday broke 17000, making another all time high
2)      The rise is because of the Good Non farm payroll and unemployment rate figures
3)      We believe that Dow Jones will be quite healthy this month. The possibility of a sharp correction is slim

Singapore Market

1)      STI recently drop from 3300 but still looks healthy to me. The drop is shallow.
2)      We predict that with the good US market, there is a good chance it might break 3300.
3)      We still believe that STI might be in the region between 3300 and 3450 in the 3rd quarter.

Keppel Corp

I don’t agree with the Analyst target of $12.50 and we don’t encourage all to invest in this stock. 3 reasons

1)      There is no growth in Keppel these few years. Last year 2013, it makes $1.8billion. This year, it was forecast to earn $1.4 billion. 2015 $1.4billion again. It simply isn’t growing for these coming two years.
2)      Although Keppel got a big contract, but it was forecasted that this year total deal may only just meet the expected analyst estimate. It did not exceed the expectations.
3)      Keppel does not have a good plan to increase its revenue.
4)      We believe that Keppel will still continue to be in a sideway trend. Analyst estimate of $12.50, 5 years high is tough!



1)      美国道琼斯指数昨天冲破了17000点,又创下了一个历史高点。
2)      上涨的原因是因为非农业薪金报告和失业率报告都比预期来得好。
3)      我们判断道指这个月还是相当健康,要大幅度调整还是比较难。


1)    STI最近从3300下滑了一些,但是不深。
2)    我们判断因为美国强劲的表现,海指可能冲破3300点。
3)    我们还是觉得第三季度,海指在33003450点的可能性还是蛮大的。

Keppel Corp


1)    第一是Keppel Corp这几年的成长速度一般。去年赚$18亿。今年预测赚$14亿。2015年预计赚$14亿。20142015这两年盈利都没涨。
2)    第二Keppel Corp虽然拿到了订单,但是估计今年的总订单也只不过和分析师预测的一样,没有更多。
3)    第三Keppel Corp根本没有一个详细的计划让我们知道如何增加营业额。

4)    我们觉得这只股就还会在横摆的状态,要到$12.50是不容易的。


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