Saturday, 27 September 2014

Apple bringing DOW up 200 points!

Dear Friends,

Today is a good end to the week. Yesterday's worries of Apple so called "Bent phone" seems to die down! Apple's $2.60 rebound seems to power DOW 200 points reversal (at 3am now)!

Just like what we said yesterday in our article,

"Market drop because of Bent Apple Iphone rumor is a Joke!"

we did advised all not to worry about Apple iphone sales and the report on durable goods. We mentioned to buy into apple's fall!

Appropriately, the market wake up to their senses! Apple brand is still intact. A lot of people might have ignored about Apple brand. A brand will always allow consumers to bend their habits to the products, no matter whether it has a little flaw.

If Apple phones are weaker because of their aluminium casing, consumers will buy protective covers to protect. They will be more careful in the handling. They will start to throw their tight pants for loose ones. Such is the power of BRAND!

And dont forget their have a revolutionary product in their pipeline with the launch of iwatch in december.

Yesterday was a good warning for us though.

This US Market goes in tandem with the price of Apple. This is called the Apple Phenomenon! If Apple stock remains strong in 4th quarter, I do believe that US Market will be strong too! If Apple falls, US Market will tumble also like yesterday.

Honestly, I am still quietly optimistic about this US market run. I am waiting for October earnings results. If October goes well, we may have a fantastic run in the 4th quarter as well. 


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