Monday, 15 September 2014

Expect Dow to rebound off 16750-17000 region this week!

Dear Friends,

Recently I hasn't been writing my blog because I am having a 2 weeks holiday in Europe. Life has been great and I am taking a short holiday break to re-energise myself!

Some of our friends asked about our posts. Nothing wrong, I will still continue to post my views!

Some friends asked me about these few days decline in Dow. They are worried about the recent drop and the news of the FED coming out this week.

So far, on the short term, I do feel that the DOW can't drop much.

This week, we might see a rebound in the region of 16700-17000 region. That is the buying zone. I expect the lowest DOW will go to is 16700.

So expect a rebound soon and get up above 17000 again! Soon....


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