Wednesday 21 January 2015

FREE Seminar by Andy Yew

<< How do you buy China A-shares? What are the sectors and stocks to watch out for? >>
如何买上海A-股? 中国有哪些领域和股票可以留意?

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主讲:Andy Yew

22 Jan 2015, Thu (English Seminar) 7pm - 10pm
23 Jan 2015, Fri (华文讲座) 7pm - 10pm

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1) How do you buy China Stocks
2) China Stocks that are suitable for short term trading
3) China Stocks that are suitable for long term and dividend growth

Plus we will be providing analysis on your stocks!

141 Cecil Street, 
Tung Ann Association Building #07-02 S(069541) 
Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G, walk straight 80m, 
opposite the traffic light

Speaker: Andy Yew (ART system Founder)

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or SMS <Name><Email><HP><Date><Number of seats> to 93676623 

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