Wednesday, 18 February 2015

2015 HUAT ah!!!

Dear Friends,

S&P500 continue to hit new intraday high at 2100 yesterday! This is as bullish as it can get!

We are right that US market - S&P500 will hit new high before April. DOW is back above 18000 and a few points off its high. No doubt that it is going to hit all time high again.

Do remember that we continuously think the market might be in a bullish till April. Enjoy this ride! Any small drop is pick up time.


Today is the eve of  CNY!  YEAH!!!

We would like to wish all our friends and graduates a Happy Chinese New Year! We continuously think that 2015 is a GOATY GOOD BULLISH YEAR!

Remember to save some money to get into the market whenever it is oversold!

Daniel Loh, the "Fengshui expert" thinks that 2015 is a year not to be missed! It is raining QE Hongbao everywhere! 

Daniel Loh

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