Friday, 6 February 2015

This is the reason why DOW can't drop much before April

Don't you love it!!!   This is a MARVEL! 
Product of the year award by Daniel Loh, ha!!!

Why? Because Daniel Loh will not only buy one, but a few versions with different straps! 


Apple recently declared a good earnings beat. At the same time, Apple CEO Tim Cooks announced that they are ready to ship out the i-watch in April.

Apple has been on the rise, from $109 before earnings to $120 now. We believe that with the expectations of the launch in April, this stock definitely has room to run.

In fact, in September when critics mentioned about the bent i-phone, we assured all to buy at the dip, this is a great chance to pick the stock up before the launch. Our target is set at $130 before the launch.

This is the article titled <Market drop because of Bent Apple Iphone rumor is a Joke!>:

Our target prediction when I write to our graduates about Apple before the product launch:

The excitement of Apple would, in my opinion sustain the run of US market. This is what I term as the Apple phenomenon.

Any drop in the stock market might be a chance to buy rather than sell before the April launch.


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