Wednesday 20 April 2016

Market Outlook by Andy Yew && Free Investment Seminar on Singapore Market

- Written on 18th April  by Andy Yew    (Live FM93.8 Market Analyst)

US market

Last week US market remained bullish, cumulative weekly return for Dow jones is up 1.82%, Nasdaq up 1.8%, S&P 500 up 1.62%. For US index, we still don't see price turning down yet, hence we are still holding on to the stocks.

Oil futures show weakness as we are in the 4th consecutive down day. This is usually a bearish sign when we see 4 consecutive down days out of 5 trading days. it shows that people are selling. Oil falls to the low of 37.61 this morning but have rebounded during Asia and Europe trading hour.



Fed Meeting

On 17th March, US did not increase the interest rate in the FED meeting, and Fed announce that the there will most likely be 2 rate hikes this year instead of 4. The next Fed meeting is on 26-27 April, most likely there will not be a rate high this month. Instead, we will hear Fed talking about the likelihood of rate hike in June. 

Though most investor think that Fed will not increase interest rate now, the Unemployment rate is at 5% now and non farm payroll and CPI result is good. Based on the data, economy in recovering. Fed have the reason to talk more about the plan of increasing interest rate in the upcoming meeting on 27 April.

3月17日美联储会议最终不加息并对未来加息次数预期降为2次. The Fed’s next meeting is April 26-27. 4月联储会议将讨论未来6月加息的可能性,目前市场一致认为美联储加息概率较低,不过目前美国失业率维持在5%及以下水平,非农就业的数据也持续表现强劲,核心CPI持续维持在2%以上,国际市场较为稳定 投资者需要提防4月27日会议发布偏鹰派言论。

Singapore Market

Singapore market current at an overbought position, most stock already up and on a high side. This means the risk of a correction in May is likely. I will put 2800 as a point to tell if STI turn around, if it breaks below 2800 then that is a point to close more position, otherwise will continue holding.

Oil companies 

Ezra report big losses last friday, i think oil companies will still report bad result this quarter as last quarter the oil price was at the low, be cautious on this.

This week focus will be on corporate earnings result of some blue chips stocks such as Keppel Corp, Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Hutchison Port Holdings Trust. They will issue their financial reports this week.

Malaysia Market 

Bank is strong as malaysia ringgit recovers. Most other stocks did not have a big move since march, except for Airasia, export sector is still weak but is forming a support level, possible to have a rebound at current level. If you see bank start falling and export sector start recovering, then its time for entry.


Gold is currently the biggest winner, since January Gold price up more than 15%

(Click on chart to expand)

Gold Miners

You probably win more with the Gold miners as they have fallen to pretty low level in the past few years. Some of them like US listed companies such as DRDgold (Chart Shown Below). It has just gone up more than 300% recently and Barrick gold (Chart Shown Below) gone up more than 100% since January.

(Click on chart to expand)

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