Monday 11 July 2016

3 Reasons why you must not miss out on China Property Stocks Run this year! && FREE Seminar by Daniel Loh

1)     China Property Prices Rising Crazily!

If you are looking for a property market that is vibrant, then the Chinese property market is one place you cannot miss. 

According to the latest data on house prices for March, the 100-cities index rose 7.4 percent year-on-year and 1.9 percent month-on-month, the strongest month-on-month increase in the index’s history.

Last year, prices in Shenzhen went up 52%! 52% in one year is a crazy return for properties, anywhere in the world! Shanghai went up 18%, Beijing 10% last year.

(Source from Bloomberg News in 2 March 2016)

2)     Government Stimulus Measures is fuel to property prices and they aren’t finished yet!

There are basically a few stimulus measures that China government are implementing that fuel the rise in property prices last year, especially in the first tier cities like Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing.

Chinese government consistently print money to help the economy, which will benefit China property given the lack in confidence in stocks now. They are also decreasing interest rates and the bank reserve requirement.

Fear of a devalued Chinese currency and restrictions on the movement of money out of the nation will also encourage investors to invest in properties

3)    Flexible Local Government Easing Policy

One of the key factors affecting the property market is the intervention from the local government through regulations.

Tier 1 city governments recently have introduced measures to cool the property market. However Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are having totally different policies. Local government in these cities instead are trying to stimulate the property prices and allow easy credit.

And this can only mean one thing!

Tier 2 and Tier 3 city property prices will start to get red hot soon! Property investors who make his money in tier 1 city might start to look at tier 2 and 3 which have not run yet. Property Developers who are already in Tier 2 and Tier 3 city will benefit.

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FREE Investment Seminar by Daniel Loh

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12 July  (Tue)        English session   Time: 7pm-10pm  

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Speaker: Daniel Loh

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