Saturday, 2 July 2016

FREE Singapore Stock Seminar by popular remisier Andy Yew

What are the Singapore Stocks that show Big Players Now?

Post Brexit, Singapore Stock market has gone crazy, rising 140 points in just 3 short days. All Bad news has priced in! It is time to pick up some stocks that have shown great momentum, stocks which show Big Players are buying. 

Recently stocks like Japfa and CNMC Goldmine has been terrific and driven by lots of buying. This run did not occur because of retailers buying. BIG Players are in these stocks!

Come and Join Mr Andy Yew, Singapore's top notch popular remisier to find out what are the Singapore Stocks that show Big Players!

What you will learn:

 What are the Recent Singapore stocks that show Big Players Now? 
 Learn the Best Performing Sector of the month (This will help you to strategize and know what sector to zoom in on to minimize time spent)
 How do you identify correctly the trend of the stock so as to know precisely when to exit a trade when trend change
 How do you leverage on CFDs to short stocks that are bearish now (Understanding this will enable you to make money even in a bearish market)

 Discussions on stocks that you want to see or are of concern now

Dates: (Choose one)

5 July 2016,Tuesday      (华文)        7pm - 9.30pm or
7 July 2016,Thursday    (English)   7pm - 9.30pm or

14 July 2016,Thursday (English)    7pm - 9.30pm or
15 July 2016,Friday       (华文)         7pm - 9.30pm


10 Anson Road, International Plaza 
Singapore 079903
( Nearest MRT Tanjong Pagar )

Fee: Free

Mr. Andy Yew (DL Investment Local Stock Trainer)

To register :  pls click here

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