Thursday, 14 June 2018

US Stock Tip: SOGOU (SOGO) is one of the US Stock in my portfolio

Dear Friends,

This is indeed one stock I am studying closely for a few reasons.

1) Chart clearly shows me this stock has bottomed with a Rounded Bottom and a breakout off the $10 resistance, which is also a psychological resistance.

2) This stock has dropped almost half price since its IPO, which is one of the things I look out for in IPO stock. It hopefully can drop half price to a cheap value so that it eliminate the "Over-subscription Effect". Remember a lot of oversubscribed stocks need to drop half price before a turnaround.

3) It is the 2nd Largest Search Engine in China, after Baidu - Meaning it can make a lot of money from advertisement. It is almost like Yahoo of US, just that China internet market is still growing at a fast pace. Furthermore 40% of Chinese population still have not started to use internet yet.

4) Its future Earnings Per Share (EPS) projection by analysts is fabulous!

EPS for next year is forecast to grow by 57%
EPS for next 5 years is forecast to grow by 36% 

To me investing in a company that has growth potential is important. 

As I always mention, "Don't invest in a Company Past! Invest in its Future!"

To sum it up, this is a Long Term Stock I am looking to accumulate if it falls. At the same time, I will also keep track of its Actual EPS to know whether this stock is still a potential Multi-Bagger (a stock that can grow multiple times)

Happy Trading 

Daniel Loh

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