Thursday, 29 November 2012

Obama says "he wants a deal by Christmas" lifts the market

Dear Friends,

I believe his words. I think so should you. Each time the market drops a bit, I feel that it is good to accumulate some stocks. I know it seems confusing that everyday there seems to be some politicians positive and negative about it. Forget about the confusion. Just know that the deal will be out before year end. If you dont buy stocks at any drop, I am afraid there might not be much chance after the deal is out.

Today Dow at mid day increases 50 points from 100 points down because of Obama's words that he would like to have a deal by Christmas. This positive statements from Obama will continue throughout these 3 weeks till Christmas.

Accumulate slowly but do control your position size. Look for stocks that did well in their earnings this quarter. Look at SUPERGROUP. We mentioned that this is a stock with a good earnings story where you need to keep inside your portfolio this quarter. See how they run to $3.30 today.

Do not forget Ezion and Yoma too! Although they may be resting now, there is a chance for accumulation to be done and to burst forward still. Of course, the thing is you need to know whether there is accumulation.

Somehow or rather, I believe President Obama will get what he wants no matter what. From his first presidential election, no matter whether is it the Obama care or the debt ceiling, he hasn't really disappoint us. Let us give him a chance to prove himself again.

I am sure he will! Let us rock and roll to Christmas!


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