Friday, 16 November 2012

Singapore Stock Tip: Ezion and Super Group are good companies, but they hit a BRICK!

Dear Friends,

Today some participants in our seminar asked us what we think of Ezion and Super Group. We tell them these are the 2 companies to watch out for as they have great earnings this season. But you should have sold off first after they hit their psychological resistances!

Did you see how ezion drop today? We bet some professional players are dumping liao. Today is the day some are unloading! As we mentioned in the past, our target for Ezion is 1.47 to 1.5. Indeed highest it goes is 1.51 before tumbling today. See the chart... 13 cts drop today, wow! If you studied our website, you might have taken profit like us a couple of days ago, and avoid the drop!

See our last article:

Another company is Super Group. We told our classmates last week that if this stock should reach 2.97, what we term as Law of gravity of price, you may want to profit take first. Without looking at the charts (as it does not have past history), we have used this principle to predict the resistance. It is 2.97.

The highest it goes yesterday is 2.98 before coming down today. Now it is 2.83.

The thing is now currently these 2 stocks might need to consolidate and stabilise a bit ( at least a few days) before running again. Although we mentioned they are good earnings stocks and you should play with such stocks this quarter, they need to pause now after zooming away these few days.

Go in after they stabilise... keep it in your trading diary! Do take note of our blogs on the conditions of these stocks again...


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