Friday 30 November 2012

Controversy is what makes the market! Will Fiscal be solved? Yes, no, maybe...

Dear Friends,

It seems tiring to guess whether there will be an agreement before the end of the year. All I know is market continue to function and Dow Jones has advanced from 12500 to 13000 these 9 days. We are just  600 points away from breaking 5 year high.

All I know is Yoma and Ezion will still go up after consolidation. All I know is Apple and Facebook are some of the stocks to watch this christmas season. All I know is that US tech sector, retail sector, and travelling industry are the sectors to watch these 2 months. All I know is that putting your money on buying strong earnings stocks are what makes you money.

Perhaps I simply do not need to listen to every news about Fiscal Cliff. Perhaps I do not need to listen to Republicans or Democrats debating about it.

Maybe I should just do what I do everyday, which is to stick to my strategy that has all along work for Me.

If you think you are confused by all these talk about whether there will be a resolution, yes, no, or maybe before christmas, you may want to shut your ears to it and stick to what makes you money.

By the way, just for your info, the market actually went up 1500 points from june to september when we are also debating about whether there will be QE3. Yes, no or maybe.... so so confusing.

Just in case you do not know it, this is the stock market! They are made to create controversies in your decisions. CNBC is the most popular investment show because the hosts are made to debate with each other. You simply got to adapt to this stock market drama or JUST DON'T CARE

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