Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Answer to a Friend about Singapore Market

Dear Friends,

A friend asked me why I am so quiet about my blog. Seems like I did not give many tips recently. Ha, as I have mentioned, I am not very confident about the market yet. Hence I am lying low now before the BIG Jobs report on Friday.

We can attribute the bullishness of US market to the good ISM reports in both manufaturing and non-manufacturing sectors. However I do not want to add any bullish positions before the employment reports. 

There will be a few reports coming out to give the glimpse of the US job market. Tonight we have ADP employment report, tomorrow we have jobless claims, and on Friday we have the all important non farm payroll and unemployment rate report. So JOBS JOBS JOBS! I do not want to predict yet if Friday will be good before the jobless claims on Thursday.

Remember we maintain our view that risk is high now. And that is the reason we are lying low...


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