Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Most of the Singapore Stocks have dropped!

Dear Friends,

Playing local singapore stocks have proved to be a hard task recently. So many stocks have drop from the high. I think you would agree with me that Most of the Big Cap, Mid cap and Penny stocks suffered losses although the index is still near its high.

An example of some popular stocks falling from the high:

Big Cap:
1) Wilmar 3.92 to 3.33
2) Semb Corp 5.59 to 5.18
3) Semb Mar 4.87 to 4.48

Mid Cap:
1)Yoma: 0.925 to 0.750
2) Tat Hong: 1.60 to 1.48
3) Rotary: 0.615 to 0.475
4) Genting: 1.64 to 1.51

Penny Stocks: (A Disaster recently, some dropped by more than half)
1) We holdings: 0.205 to 0.067
2) Ntegrator: 0.151 to 0.086
3) Magnus: 0.095 to 0.048

In all our previous articles in Feb and Mar, we consistently advise everyone to cut down on existing positions because we think the risk is higher now. We did say that be careful of March and Early April as we think it might start to fall.

One of our past articles:

In February on radio station FM958, we did mention that the chances of stocks going down is higher than going up. Just be careful.

If you did follow our advice, you probably would have bought them now 10-20% from their peak. But having said that, we still believe that the US market might be turning down soon. Do take note that some Singapore Stocks do still have room to drop if US does drop. This is still not the time to acquire yet. Be patient!



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