Thursday 14 March 2013

Malaysia Stock Tip: PWROOT still strong

Dear Friends,

On the 2nd Jan, we issued a stock tip on a malaysian counter PWROOT.

We mentioned that
PWROOT mid term target:
stop loss: $1.15, target1: $1.27-$1.30, target2: $1.39-$1.40

Btw in the last article, we did mention sell Zhulian at $2.99 to change to this stock. $2.99 is Zhulain highest! Now Zhulian is at $2.78. You would have save money on Zhulian and make money in PWROOT.

 Not only has PWROOT gone to target 2, it is $1.53 now, and still looking strong.

Now I set a new target $1.59-$1.60 with a stop loss of $1.47. 

Let us see how it progress.

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