Wednesday 22 January 2014

Shanghai rebounded as predicted

Dear Friends,

If you have heard of our recent interview in FM958 radio, we did talked about Shanghai Composite.

This is what we mentioned.

·         上证今天是大概2012点。上证指数最近的表现相当的弱。上证从12月头到现在已经滑落了200点,接近10%

·         长期来说,我觉得如果投资上证指数等两三年是不会亏的。从技术分析,上证已经视乎到了熊市的尾端。熊市的尾端有一个现象。就是下不多,上不了。

·         上证已经在1900-2500点之间徘徊了20 两个月了。要他狂跌到比如1600点也很难。

·         短期来说,我们也判断现在2000点值得投资,再跌到1950点可以再准备进场"

At that time, Shanghai composite is hovering around 2000 points.

Today it indeed rebounded strongly! Today it goes up a strong 43 points. Temporarily I think this is the best oversold index. 

2000 we think is a good support. At most we predict the lowest it reach is 1950.


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