Thursday, 10 April 2014

Singapore Long term Stock Tip: Singpost is positioned to be the Alibaba of South East Asia

Dear Friends,

In my interview on the 28th March with Channel 8 <Good Morning Singapore> programme, we did mention that this is a good stock where we can keep for long term investment.

My views of Singpost on 28th March in Mandarin:

Not a lot of stocks in singapore is now worth investing long term, but Singpost is the rare few I am giving the thumbs up. With a dividend yield of 4.7%, why not??

3 reasons:
1) This year Singpost is forecasted to have a 25% growth rate. This is a pretty strong growth rate in a mature industry! Not a lot of stocks can consistently achieve this figure!

2) Singpost these few years have been acquiring companies and are pretty successsful in adding good earnings to their balance sheet.

3) Singpost has a plan to attack E-commerce logistics, aspiring to be the Alibaba of South East Asia. Recent years they have accumulated successsful companies related to e-commerce logistics. This industry is basically new and untapped in SEA, and I believe that Singpost has the capability to lead in this industry in this local region if they can acquire more worthwhile companies.

Now : $1.375 (Slight breakout today)
Mid term Target: $1.47
Long term Target: $1.95-$2.00
Dividend Yield:4.7%

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