Monday, 13 April 2015

Series of Technical Analysis Seminars Part1 by Daniel Loh (in Singapore)

<< How do you identify a Good Breakout or a Real Reversal in charting? >>

Dear Friends, 

One of the most important skills in charting is to identify a stock that has a good breakout. When a stock has a good break, there is always a good chance to make money in a short time. However, sometimes it is not easy as some breakout stocks might fail. If it fails, it might suffer from what chartists  called "a fake breakout."

Some chartists like to buy stock that has a reversal as prices are cheaper. However some reversals are not real and don't last. If this occurs, chartists term it as a "dead cat bounce".

Do you want to know the secrets how to identify stocks that is having a good breakout or a real reversal?

Join this seminar with Daniel Loh to find out the secrets!!!

(For old friends, we would like you to recommend and bring a few of your friends to learn with you)

You shall learn:
1) 3 things to note to know a breakout is clean and good
2) 3 things to note to know a reversal is real 
3) Is it important to study chart pattern of a stock before it breaks? 
4) Are there any chart patterns that increases the chances of a good breakout?5) How can you make money consistently in 2015 from the market?

14 Apr  (Tue) English session or
15 Apr  (Wed) Chinese session 华文讲座

Time: 7pm -10pm

141 cecil street, Tung Ann Association Building
#07-02 S(069541),
Tanjong Pagar MRT exit G, walk straight 80m, opp traffic light

Speaker: Daniel Loh
Regularly interviewed by Mediacorp FM958
Regular interviewed by Mediacorp Channel 8 Financial Programmes
SIAS investment trainer
Invited speaker for Phillip Securities
Invited speaker for Affin Investment Bank
Invited speaker for OCBC Securities
Invited speaker for Shares Investment
Invited speaker for Shareinvestor

To register pls click here 
or SMS <Name><Email><HP><Date><Number of seats> to 93676623

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