Friday, 17 April 2015

Singapore Stock Tip: Congrats! Wing Tai hits our target at $2.10 a few days back

Dear Friends,

We received a lot of questions on this stock as we recommended for all to take a look on 28th January.

This is the link to the last article titled,
"Singapore Stock Tip: Wing Tai revival in the cards"

At that time, the stock price is $1.82.

We set the second target at $2.09-$2.10. Indeed, it goes to highest $2.14 before it retraces. Now the price is $2.04.

Check Wing Tai price chart now.

So what do we think about this stock now?

For those who want to enter, I would suggest you ONLY enter when you have made your profits!

There may be one last burst to this stock. But for those who have not made money, time to zoom in on some other stocks is a wiser choice.

What I would do is to put a tight stop loss of $1.95 and a profit target of $2.16.

At $2.16, I suggest close all position and wait for a good pullback!


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