Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Singapore Stock Tip: Let us see how high Yoma can go?

Dear Friends,

We have been talking about this stock and mentioning that it is in consolidating and the likelihood of it breaking $0.7 is high as professional money has not left the stock.

Congrats on those graduates that follow our recommendation in class.

See our article on our stocks analysis:

Today this stock ran up 4 cts. Some of our graduates actually went in on consolidating and so did I. Congrats on those who make a bit now.

Of course now comes the hard part where should we exit.

Short term wise, the resistance are still at 0.75 and 0.8 if 2moro it manages to go above 0.7. My target profit one is 0.75, and target profit 2 is 0.8.  

0.8 is a bigger resistance. Near the figure, we have to take note of professional money leaving.

Long term wise, you probably have to study the fundamental to determine.


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