Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Malaysia Stock Tip: Sell ZHULIAN, Look at PWROOT

Dear Friends,

Stock rotation is a skill that we traders need to have. Whenever a stock reach my target price, I would take note of it. Whenever a stock reaches a centennial figure, I will be careful of it!

Today Zhulian reaches $2.99, near to a centennial figure like $3.00. Probably what I would do is, sell half of my position to profit take. Leave the other half to run. Hopefully it get past $3.00. If not, once it drops back to $2.95, I will sell the other half. By selling half, I curbed my greed. Remember I am also human, so I understand your feelings too. As human, we always hope it will rise somemore.

Our recommendation on Zhulian recently when it was $2.72: 

Now I encourage you to watch another stock PWROOT! In fact today I was a bit late on this stock. In mid-day it is still hovering around $1.18. After a meeting I had in the afternoon, it shoots up across the resistance of $1.20. It ends at $1.23 today.

What I do as trader is that I always rotate my stocks portfolio. Use half of my money in Zhulian change to PWROOT. When Zhulian risk is higher now, I would rotate to another stock that might have finish consolidation or in consolidation. Chances of making money is higher!

PWROOT mid term:
stop loss: $1.15, target1: $1.27-$1.30, target2: $1.39-$1.40

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