Thursday, 21 November 2013

Malaysia Stock Tip: Puncak hits our $3.47 target, YLI run has not finished

Dear Friends,

Recently Singapore market is as dead as a fish. But not Malaysia! Sometimes it is always good to look at another market when things are not going well for Singapore. Malaysia has been one of my favourite hunting grounds recently!

Do you remember that we recommended Puncak when it is $2.83? We said that professional money is inside the stock.

It hits our target of $3.10 within a short time. Then we said that if Puncak can break $3.30, it is going for $3.47.

It did hit the highest $3.50 recently! Our target of $3.47 is hit! But guess what, these few days it drops to $3.35 now! We got out near the perfect spot!

I am again on this stock! It is now almost dropping into my watch zone at $3.21-$3.29 again!


By the way, we also did issue another call on YLI. This stock did not perform that quickly though. However recently it gained momentum. We recommend at $0.68 setting a first target of $0.77-$0.80. Now it is at $0.795.

But we think it might be moving towards our second target of $0.89-$0.90.

In fact we think this stock may be worth a serious look today on a down day! Let us see how the stock runs!

Dear Singaporeans, Remember that Malaysia is still a worthwhile market when things go slow!


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