Monday, 4 November 2013

Singapore Stock Tip: Good fundamental earnings from OSIM push it past $2.17

Dear Friends,

You may have noticed today OSIM broke out off short term $2.17 resistance. Now it is at $2.21. Recently it declared its earnings on 1 november. I think OSIM did resonably well for its earnings.

For more info on earnings, do log on to its website:

16% net profit quarterly growth rate is quite good, and with an opening of 17 more outlets for the quarter is promising. This is much better than "ValueMax", a retail outlet in the pawn shop business. As a retailer, this is what we are looking for, an increasing in the profit margin, an increase in outlets, a reach that is beyond Singapore, a pioneer leading Asia Brand. Some of you may say that these 2 are in different industries, but to me a company selling watch and a company selling message chairs are all retailers.

The concept of growth are the same, it needs to show "GROWTH".

I would classify OSIM as a good long term growth stock! Short term, it may benefit from the festival season happening in Asia this and next quarter. 

These few days we predict it should be travelling in between $2.20-$2.30. Technically it has a strong support at $2.10 like what we mentioned in last article.

Last article on OSIM:

Now: $2.22
3months Target: $2.47
Stop loss: $1.97

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