Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Shanghai Composite good opportunity at 2000 - 2050!

Dear Friends,

These few days I have been a bit busy and taking a leave. Sorry for not contributing enough articles. Ha, anyway, local market is really sluggish locally, so not much opportunities anyway. 

However today's drop in China due to the Third Plenum meeting has been a disappointment and leads to a bad fall in Shanghai composite and Hang Seng.

It has dropped to a point I think is worth a look. 

My target for picking up Shanghai composite is 2000-2050. Today it drops to 2087. That is a good mid term buying zone for me!!! 

In fact if things get better, and if it did not drop further, a breakout off 2100 is also a good chance to enter. 

By the way as we are foreigners, we are not allowed to buy Shanghai Comp. The best alternative you might to look at is A50 ETF. Need to ask your brokerage house on this.



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