Thursday, 13 March 2014

Asia Market does not look good? What is the plan?

Dear Friends,

You may think that Asia is going into a selling frenzy given that Nikkei and Hang Seng both drop more than 300 points. STI drop 32 points.

In my opinion, I think that this selloff today is unwarranted. A lot of us are scared that US may tumble given that it is at all time high. DOW nearly touches 16588, the all time high a few days back, before dropping for 3 days. S&P500 reached a new high just 4 days back.

With China economy showing weakness, surely the US market is going to halt, RIGHT???

Ha, I would like to think so, given that I don't even have the chance to board my favorite retirement stock, FACEBOOK. It simply is not cheap enough at 70.94!

But sad to say, I think US is not entering a correction yet. I don't think you might see it this month. Given the positive data of the non farm payroll and ISM report, I do think that DOW is capable of hitting all time high again.

So, if Asia has a selloff, I do think it may be time to watch a few markets again! Hang Seng and China is again in my radar now!!!

Stay tuned to my blog where I will post where I think might be a bottom.

I do hope that STI might reach 3050 again, but, I feel it has a better chance of advancing to 3150 again first.

Let us see!


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