Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The world is baffled by DOW rally!

Dear Friends,

Wallstreet is baffled by these 2 days rally (up by 270points) just as the world is equally mystified by the disappearance of the MH370 malaysia plane. I have been following constantly every day on the news of the aircraft and hope that everything goes well.

But, unlike some who thinks that the US market should correct hard, I gave my opinion last friday regarding the market. We remain thoroughly bullish of the market. We simply thinks that DOW can't drop much now, given the loose monetary policy that Fed chairwoman Yellen employs.

Check out our chinese article on Friday where we comment to catch hold of any opportunity to buy the indices.

We do think that with Yellen constantly giving a push and confidence in the market will keep this bull run alive. No correction can be long, especially for these 2 months.

I know that you may be concerned with the market amid the poor China economic reports and Russia episode.

But the market, especially US market, just can't stop running, like a bullet train with no brakes now.


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