Sunday, 23 March 2014

Commodities Play: Coffee indeed reached our first target at $170!

Dear Friends,

We did mention that this is one chance not to be missed. We forecasted Coffee to hit a deadly rock at $200 on 5th March!

The Article on Coffee hitting a rock at $200:

Look at where is coffee price now! $170 in barely 5 trading days. Such is the dramatic fall in the price of coffee from its peak! We got it almost pinpoint right again!

For those who have followed our call (if you have the chance to play coffee futures), you might be laughing like us. This call was issued against the run of play this month when commodities prices is raging up!

Below second trade on shorting coffee futures that I opened two days back and still holding. The first trade I opened and closed a few days back.

For the second trade, I opened 2 days ago, now I am still holding on to a paper profit of US$9693.

I am waiting to see if $170 can be broken to close my trade. 

If $170 is broken, I am looking at $150 2nd target. Now I will just trail my stop loss down.


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