Friday 21 March 2014

Do not be concerned about Yellen comments! Asia shall rally?

Dear Friends,

It  does seem that today, the world is concerned about Yellen yesterday comments about interest rates rising "six months after" QE ends. I think it is still early for a hugh selloff due to interest rates rise.

Rest assured that Yellen will never allow the market to sell off 2000 points in the DOW.

Please remember that FED and Yellen still has the QE tapering trump card in her hand. If she sense that stock market is reacting too nervously, please trust me that she will appear in the media again to reassure us that QE won't taper so fast, and maybe stop tapering temporarily.

Yellen wants the stock market to go up steadily. She understands the whole financial system runs on the stock market. Without the confidence of the stock market, there won't be spending. Without spending and demand, the enterprises will not employ. With no jobs, the housing market will still be weak.

She needs the stock market to survive and thrive!

I am buying into this drop yesterday, instead of worrying.

I think a lot of Asian indices are cheap now. Although the market has not touch the bottom I like, I am already testing the water now.

Buying zone:
1) STI - 3000-3050,                  now is 3057
2) KLCI - 1750- 1800,              now is 1818
3) Hang Seng - 20500 - 21000,  now is 21182
4) Shanghai - 1950 - 2000,         now is 1993
5) Nikkei - 13500 - 14000,        now is 14350

You can see that all the indices are near what we term as the buying zone!

I am ready to test water anytime now by entering positions, are you?



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