Thursday 8 December 2011

Singapore Stock Tip (using ART system): China Aviation Oil - a Forgotten Old stock coming Alive

Dear Friends,

Today I browsed across this Singapore Stock while using our team's invented stock scanning system: ART system - Swing Trade.

It has been some years since I talked about a Singapore Stock.

Let us study this old forgotten stock, China Aviation Oil. (See attachment for Chart)

This is what I called a Triple Top Breakout, with high Volume supporting! This best thing is the Box Top (what Mr Hu Li Yang mentioned: 箱顶) is a perfect round figure of $1. This is what I called a no-brainer 99% trade. A breakthrough through this resistance has potential.

My view is there are 2 opportunities to such a trade:

1) Enter at breakout with half the amt you wish to trade, put stop loss 10% below, like $0.95.
2) Wait for pull back to Box bottom now at $1 (if it ever bounce back) , wait for the candle to stand above $1, before entering another half of your position, putting a stop loss 10% below again.
    P.S.: waiting for a pullback b4 entering has a higher chance of success as all shorting traders has failed if it lifts off $1 again!
3) First resistance is $1.1, 2nd resistance is $1.2.
4) Once it reach $1.1, and u are greedy, pls put your stop loss at breakeven $1, it will rest a while b4 trying at $1.2.
5) But pls sell all at $1.2 if you are playing short term.

Let us study how this trade goes. Watch carefully!

Btw, the arrows in the ART system is a programme invented by our team to indicate buying or selling points with tremendous accuracy. It can scan all 600 stocks with buying or shorting arrows appearing, making trading so easy and friendly.

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Best Rgds
Daniel LohStock Trainer
Asia Stock Guru Mr Hu Li Yang partner
(Pls note that this email is solely for educational purpose only. There is no recommendation whatsoever to buy any stock. Any stocks or position taken should be studied carefully before taking any positions.)

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