Tuesday 6 December 2011

ROSY December, Grab Energy Stocks Now!

Dear Friends,

Good work! A pat on the back for me, ha!

As I have mentioned in my email on 24th November, if there is a turnaround, 30th November 2011 is the date. Did u see my email? See below. Exactly on that day, Dow Jones increased by a whopping 400+ points. Can u imagine on the day that I wrote the email on the 24th Nov, it was reported that Dow Jones is poised to register the worst November in 60 years of American history. It turned around beautifully.

Guess how did I know. Yes, I have been tracking US economical reports for the last 5 years. My philosophy in trading: Fundamental economic report drives the market, Technical provides support and resistance. No chartists in the world could have ever predicted such a rally on the 30th November!

After last week Non farm payroll/ unemployment rate & ISM report, you would notice that, Non farm payroll did not beat expectation, while ISM did. Some of you may have think employment report is a letdown. Think otherwise! Unemployment rate decreased to 8.6%, the best since the last bear market. It's an unexpected great news! Like what I mention in last email, I expected a good Jobs report. It did.

Having said that, what is the plan for December?

1) Great to accumulate some stock positions now. Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Retail all showing a turnaound.

2) Play Energy Sector NOW!!!!! Play OIL Futures, Index like "OIL", or any oil stocks you can grab! Crude Oil is making a run now! The price now is $101.57. It has the potential to reach $110. Energy stocks still in Oversold territory!

3) Play Retail Sector till January because of the christmas season! No joke, Black Friday after thanksgiving shows the highest amount of revenue collected showing that US people are getting ready for spending, making Retail stocks a fantastic buy, especially with earnings coming up in January.
4) Forget about shorting stocks NOW, like what some Gurus teach. U will be punished.

Instead enjoy your christmas season!

Btw, I will be having a FREE <<Understanding of the US stock market & how it affects Singapore market>> workshop on the 22nd December for you to understand about US market (in my opinion the best stock market in the world)!

Past options graduates, pls recommend your friends to this workshop or help to forward this mail to them, thanks.

Date: 22 Dec 2011, Thursday
Time: 7pm - 10pm
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For Registration: Pls reply <Name><Email><HP>

Thank you and with regards!

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