Thursday 1 December 2011

Santa Claus Rally has probably BEGUN!!!

Dear Friends,

What a result in US today! US up by 400 points. Pls do not miss this opportunity of making it big this month in December. Get ready for the run. With today's GREAT Chicago PMI and ADP employment report,  I foresee a good ISM and Non Farm payroll. But of course, we still need to see Thu and Fri!  2moro morning China PMI is something we need to pay attention too.
Get your weapons ready go for a Straight Call instead when that happens! This will only be taught in Advanced Options Class! Search for the correct stocks NOW!

Eg. IBM Triple Top Alert at $190, may enter if it breaks $190.22

For those that have not participate in my Advanced Options Course, pls do not miss this perfect opportunity of coming this Saturday, 3 Dec 2011.

Price will be raised after this!
If you think that a few hundred of dollars for this options course is high, what about the money lost in Stocks?

In this Advanced course, I would be teaching

1) How to DAY TRADE options;
2) How to SPOT the RIGHT stocks going on a BIG Move up just in a few days;
3) How to know the DEMAND and SUPPLY of Stocks from Point and Figure, P&F Charts;
4) How to know which is the HOT sector to play this month
5) How to SPOT the market trend using a Technical Indicator that Nobody in Singapore has taught before, but with EXTREME ACCURACY (a forgotten old indicator used by traders 50 years ago)

To know the price of the course & further dates , pls call our maketing manager, Venetia @ 98755178.


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